~ when rage fills you up ~

the vision becomes all murky,

inane things also seem catastrophical..

bereft of even poetry and sense,

clenching teeth… and heavy breaths…

like a ocean’s tempest..

the world’s in a swirl,

and no calm in sight..

14 thoughts on “rage

      • shail says:

        Over at Yahoo 360, there used to be a rush to be the first to comment. Writing it out might push you off the slot, so people wrote, “First to comment” posted that and only afterwards wrote out the real comment. Even that required time and might make you second, so was shortened to FTC! 😉 I just remembered those days (2006/2007) before Shail’s Nest happened. 🙂

  1. suranga date says:

    When the tsunami
    surrounds you,
    it doesn’t get inside you.

    Be like the fish
    biding its time
    the deepest recesses
    of the ocean.

    Let the waves
    dash in anger,
    and splash across
    and they will
    flow out
    carrying the debris
    from the mind.

  2. Deeps says:

    Baap,re who are you raging at, Hitchy! Whoever it is deserves a pat in the back for he brought out this impressive poetic side of you :)! Beauftifully expressed!

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