healthy girls needed ! :)

The story so far….

The Ghost who Eats shifted to Bharuch from Jamnagar in 1989, St. Xaviers, Jamnagar lost one of its budding Sprinters and that was the gain of Rungta Vidya Bhavan, Bharuch :mrgreen:
The new school had one sprint queen, her nick name was P.T. Usha… She was the sprint queen of this school 🙂
It took Milkha Singh & P.T. Usha another 10 years time to realize that this was a match made already and the rest… well … as they say, is history  😛 😛
Anyways this story is not about Milkha Singh and P T Usha, but its about their first descendant that came in 2004 …



It all happened yesterday…

he had a race at his school yesterday he told at 6.45 am whilst I was busy dressing him up

“The winners will run on sports day !” he announced 🙂

So when he came back from school, the former sprinter had to inquire about the race…

“So, what happened at the race ? Did you get selected ?”

“The race didn’t happen”

“Huh ?”

“They had done a race a few days back, they selected from it !”

“Oh, so were you selected ?”


he says without watching as he is busy washing his hands and getting ready for lunch

“Why ?”

“They selected only the first two.”

He said sitting on the table and reaching out for the glass of water…

( Have you ever come across a kid who doesnt have a problem of excessive water drinking while eating ?! :-/ )

“So what was your position ?”


“Oh, close… never mind… btw who came first ?”

“Aayaan also came Third.”

“I didn’t ask about Aayaan, I asked who came first ?”


I couldn’t help interrupting…

“How can so many be 1st and how can Aayaan and you both be third ?”

“We ran in pairs of three and we both were the third 😐 “



I and wifey looked at each other in disbelief and then said together almost instantly together..

“Hriday, tune hamara naam mitti mein mila diya, we both were race champions in our school and YOU ?!”

The kid couldn’t take this embarrassment stop himself and blurted it out …

“They all did cheating how can we win ?”

“Its ok, Hriday, we are just kidding ! Don’t say they cheated just coz you weren’t first”

“Arrey Shu… You know they gave me and Aayaan very chutku mutku girls as our partners !!! They gave all the Hatti Gatti girls to others !! How can I win the race with such Chutku Mutku partner… only if they had given me a HATTI GATTI Girl PARNTER !!!!! ” :-O 

He said showing the height of the girl partner at his waist.. indicating very strongly that she was so short and thin, she couldn’t run fast…we later understood that it was a relay race where the girl was supposed to give a bottle of water as the baton to the boy and then race. He was so trying to forget the disappointment and that is exactly where his Sprinting Mom and Dad bruised his Ego !!! Sigh…. :-/

The descendant couldn’t care less as he went from Roti to Bhindi and butter milk with a weird whats got into you guys look as his Sprinting Parents couldn’t stop Giggling and repeating Hatti GATTI and Chutku Mutku !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


26 thoughts on “healthy girls needed ! :)

  1. suranga date says:

    कवी का बेटा,
    विश्व-विजयी क्रिकेटर बना ,
    आम आदमी का बेटा
    बिल गेट्स बना ,
    गृहिणी की बेटी,
    मेडल वाली शूटर बनी ….
    तू देखते रहे जा ,
    भरूच का ह्रदय
    ऐसा भागेगा
    और ऐसा खेलेगा ,
    तुम दोनोंका
    पीछे पड़कर दम निकलेगा ….

    ….just saying

  2. Sandhya says:

    Hriday seems to be very practical! I liked the way he handled the situation with you, sprinter parents! He told that it was a relay race in the end, eh? Hatti, gatti, chutku mutku….kids are always entertainers!

  3. zinggy_mum says:

    skinny is out! Hatti Gatti is in!…..sirjee aap se ek kadam aage!
    next time he is going to choose a gud partner with whom he can win the race…
    don’t worry Hriday u gonna get lots of chance to win….

  4. R's Mom says:

    of course glaring..aa shu..avu kem ko cho….poor guy..ek toh you run, upar se up compare gah!

    Hugs to Hriday 🙂

    Errr….Can you please ask him if I could borrow those two words to teach R…I loved them 🙂

  5. Usha Pisharody says:

    LOL. So much for the “runner” parents! But I love that you did not “run” out of patience with him. His logic of course is that unshakeable faith in the notion of young lads. It’s the girl’s fault :D!

  6. Just call me 'A' says:

    LOL :)….even Neil Nitin Mukhesh likes healthy girls :)…don’t ask me why i’m mentioning this here..LOL…just rememebered the article i read…But your son has a very valid point…althought Chutku girls can run too if they have a good stamina. I’m chutku and i can run believe me 🙂

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