back on the prowl…

all of a sudden they are back from hibernation..

not they were done and dusted… but they were certainly lying low…

but in the last couple of weeks they certainly are making the right noises…

First we heard from the elder sibling about a buy back of his shares which were down about 35% last year.

Then we hear the younger one has just sold 26% stake from Reliance Cap’s Amc business to Nippon at a record 7% valuation of AUM for some 1400 odd crores…

Next up we hear today Reliance gets ready for 4G Triple play… !

A few days back one friend of mine who invests quite regularly in stocks and studies them too commented to me, they say voice call days are numbered. Its time for Data Calls. Now when Data calls will take full steam the person who will benefit the most is people who have a spread out optical fibre network and Reliance communication is probably the leader in this ! 😛

Yes, it suddenly is on the front pages ! It suddenly is on head lines… and the stock is moving… !!!

time to outperform

Call this post what you like… but for a guy who has been accumulating the stock now for 2 years… its Music better than AR Rehman can deliver !!!!

Its time for the gujju boys to start delivering and take the markets up with them… 😛


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