tales of a million years



At dusk sitting next to this dead coral, I wonder about all it has witnessed, wonder what all tales it could tell, of millions of years gone by. It has probably witnessed evolution more closely than anyone else.


It probably knows why the Whales decided to quit living on land and make sea their home… even about which dinosaurs loved to take a dip in the waves 😀


Pic taken during a marine camp with Anala Outdoors at Mithapur.

16 thoughts on “tales of a million years

  1. Ashwathy says:

    Lovely lines…. and I agree… wish that coral would talk…. we could a variety of so many stories!! 🙂
    That pic is stunning…especially love the way the light falls on it!!

    • hitchy says:

      Gee… you should have told me before I would have brought one of those back home !

      but we thought it belonged to the sea and we didnt even collect shells… leaving the calcium for the sea 😛

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