3D photo editing and stuff !

It seems my blog is dying a slow death and I dont want that to happen, I hence will post something or the other no matter how inane or futile for my reader just to get my habit of writing back ! 😐

So I have a friend who owns a studio and also happens to own terrific observation skills and is a fantastic mimicry artist and he is a serious star in our vicinity, we all plan our saturday nights and are like dude are you free then we all will go on a saturday night out !!! We always seek his appointment 🙂 and the guy is seriously good.

He makes us laugh our guts out so much that we actually have a saying that he makes us laugh so much that we have to rush to pee !!!!! 😛

Be it a bhajan, or a innocent person with a weird accent ! Priceless are his jems that he encounters when he goes to weddings and all sorts of pictures are to be taken and his dry comments on each thing !

Then  people come to him with pictures of blokes who have reached heaven and so cant pose… then if a guy is waving his hand they want him to make the guy stop waving his hands and pose in a Namastey !!!  😀 and he has some choicest words to say on that !!!!

heard of 3d images... but heard of 3d editing ?!

Then there are some blokes who come and ask can you do 3D editing ???

He is like, 3D editing ??? (Did I mention he is quite proud of his photo editing skills and his proficiency at the studio ! )

Yes.. show what is to be done…

and they will put a side face photo of a gentleman and tell him that he has passed away and they want him to look their way… and by 3d editing you can turn the neck of this guy in heaven !!!!!!!!

The look he gave while narrating this incident and the comment he had on that was well priceless and at the same time something I can’t write here… but I reckon you guys do get a fair idea !!!!!


8 thoughts on “3D photo editing and stuff !

  1. craftyshines says:

    Babuji dheere chalna…. blogs pe…zara sambhalnaaa

    haan, bade dhoke hain! Bade dhoke hain raah mein!

    No comments since an hour of posting?
    After fainting and reviving myself….

    FIRST 😀

    • hitchy says:

      dheere dheere machal aye dil-e bekarar !!!!!! or else heart attack aa jaayenga !!!!
      if you suddenly prop up like this !!!! what will happen to me ! 😀

  2. craftyshines says:

    Hey! Did you censor all the fun bits? On account of colourful vocabulary?

    So, why can’t he do 3-D editing? Techonology has advanced…. he should upgrade! 😆

    We once had a client who wanted an “Indian Face” for his ad. After much rejection of indian faces, he said “I will give you an image” and sends a foreigner chick’s image.

    We ask him, “But this is not an Indian. You insisted on an Indian face… so we looked for that…”

    He calmly says, “yes yes… but this is better. Make her look Indian. Add a bindi”


    • hitchy says:

      Lol… never mind the censor of vocabulary in this post… just wait for the next post which might just cost me half my followers ! 😀

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