Nothing important and yet…

Again I dont really have anything really important to write or tell not as if I always do write important stuff still. Maybe I should do a project 365 posts just to get the typing habit back. There is a huge temptation to do a really dark funny adult post but Brat has me apprehensive that I will lose all my female readers if I do that post which I certainly am not wanting to happen :mrgreen: 😆 so while I still consider and weigh my options whether I should post it nor not I will still keep rambling whether you like it or not…


I saw this picture on a Ritika’s blog and absolutely loved it and thought I must share…. and I must put it in this post that I will blog, blog and blog….. no matter what….

There that pretty much seals all the feedback for my rambling 😀 😀 👿




Btw I am off to Pune this weekend and while I am looking forward and am super excited about watching Avengers in 3D 😀 :D. The last time I saw a 3D film was Chota Chetan in Ambar Oscar theatre in Mumbai opposite to my house, I was 5 then and shoppers stop was not even conceived ! :-/Its really high time I got myself the cool tag back again !


Hopefully once the dinner and movie are done in Pune my best friend who also lives in Pune has suggested we must hit a pub or something. Sheepish as it sounds I have never seen a pub / disco in my life and so he tells me to get proper clothes and I am like ?! ❓


Proper Clothes ? Well all I can get is a jeans and t-shirt I said… or if they allow shorts in the pub I am happy to come in that in this sweltering heat ! What are proper clothes by the way for a pub ? sigh… this hardly is the age I guess to spike up my hair and get a yellow goggle and wear a chest revealing shirt ! 😛 lol ! 😈


Lets hope the lil one sleeps and we can hit a pub and then I can probably tell the world I have been there you know ! I also am quite sure ti will provide me with enough fodder for another post !