Punished !

Just saw this photo Ritu shared on FB and it brought back so many memories…



The kids here in this pic look so punished !!!!! ha ha its a priceless photo invariably brings a smile to my face.


I dont know about you folks but I have spent a lot of time stading outside classroom. Thankfully I was never made to raise my hands outside the class like this ! Only stand there and whenever the Principal would come for a round I would walk smartly to the toilet not at all letting her feel I was standing outside the class.


We had one Maths teacher who was pretty cool at punishing, I guess she should have been a gym trainer but became a teacher instead, she had a simple and clear rule –

not brought book = 25 situps

talking in the class = 25 situps

incomplete work = 50 situps

not sketched red lines (yea after every sum of maths you had to differentiate with a red line and if you didnt do that) 50 situps !!!!!

lol no wonder I never gained weight in school ! 😀


Then there was our Physical Education teacher and he was rather rough whenever we would play Kho-Kho he would be almost military type… our school was a champion in our city in that sport (sigh how kids never play such sports now) and if anyone during the practice would do any smart work he would get a good kick in his backside. I mean a literal kick. Wonder how parents today would react to that ?! 🙂 I took a few from him but even today I meet him and I like meeting him and always recall those days… his patent dialouge used to be “Abey dabbey Kho-dena chuk gaya bey” (you tinhead you missed a Kho please dont ask me to translate Kho in english ) !!!! (Crafty you wanna help with that translation 😛 )


When we were in XIth and XIIth we bunked school crazily for movies 12 to 6 school meant 2 movies 😀 but of the few times we were in school we had one rather finicky Accounts teacher. In those days Hum Aapke Hai Kaun had released and there was this patented cough in it… somehow this teacher in his mind was convinced that anyone who coughed was actually copying Madhuri and Salman and he would get really mad… so we had a simple routine… the moment we saw a team playing volleyball in the ground we would tell our teacher that I have cough and instead of coughing in the class and irritating you its better I stand out… 😀 😀 😀 Once out we would join the volleyball game 😀


I also remember one time when we had a corner class and we had a superb monitoring system so we all would have all sorts of fun while a watcher would alert if a teacher came from a distance and all would be normal when he came… it so happened that once I was standing on a desk and flying helicopters made of paper out of the window from our second floor class when our watcher didn’t alert and our same Physical Education teacher came in to see me up on the desk flying helicopters ! Oh boy ! soon I was below the bench and still was being kicked by my Teacher ! Sigh I will never forget that Pitaai !


Amazingly remembering all those punishments & beating they still bring a smile to my face 🙂


So how much time did you spend outside the class or standing on the bench or raising hands or were you made a murga ? lol :mrgreen:

22 thoughts on “Punished !

  1. phoenixritu says:

    Gosh your school was a Nazi Concentration Camp! All we got to do was stand outside the class if we were very naughty (and then we would peer in through the windows and make faces to irritate the kids inside the class), and if we forgot books and copies, we stood near the dustbin

    • hitchy says:

      Being beaten in school was rather common in Gujarat Board Schools ! I was in St Xaviers till 4th Class in Mumbai and Jamnagar they didnt touch the students at best pinch sometimes ! but in Bharuch we didnt have a St Xaviers and this was the best school in town… whilst the teachers did have a free hand I have no complaints they never went over board and only punished when someone deserved it 🙂

  2. priya says:

    Brought back rungta days 🙂 We were punished for mass bunk once, standing out, with ears crossed and shamelessly checking out Aptech crowd ;)…we had our gr8 share of punishments…in 5th our whole gang was out…for having “cool names” for jyoti mam, geeta mam, khodiyar mam , long list of teachers. It was fun though

    • hitchy says:

      Bunking !! lol The anamat andolan days do you remembeR ? they were a riot ! half the times you had to go back home ! 😀 Fun !

      I loved hte name of Kaul Madam the most 😀

  3. R's Mom says:

    I was a total nerd at school and college..ek dum acha baachha..doing nothing but what the teacher said..yep even in college I was like that!!!

    There were very few times I have bunked classes (except mass bunks which were pre decided) or even stayed back in college after college hours to watch a movie or anything…I was seriously a N-E-R-D !!!!

    • hitchy says:

      I attended 7 lectures in 3 years in college so you can call me what you like… 😛 😛 lol ! I didnt even see my class in SY and TY ! 😀

      I was not a N-E-R-D ! 😛 Seriously !

  4. suranga date (@ugich) says:

    Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s , it was a girls school, and punishments were about staying back in class after school, and writing “I will not do xyz in class” about 100 to 1000 times depending how angry the teacher was and how long she could stay back to check us, where xyz could be shouting, talking, throwing chalk, eating or anything the teacher felt.

    Shameless people like us, had ready made such stuff, written in our free time, and we would leave within 10 minutes so as to be able to catch a particular bus home. :-))

    • hitchy says:

      I did study in a boys school too for a while till 4th class in St Xaviers but thank god for mving to Bharuch and Co-ed !!!! 😀 we used to have to write such lines too at times… all teachers had their own way of punishing ! someone would give you write a certain poetry 50 times ! 😀

      I cant believe you all wrote stuff in advance for the punishment !!!!! You !?D

  5. Varsh says:

    I was a good kid in school. Not listening to teachers was definitely a lesson I did not learn. The only times I was punished was when I didn’t do some homework for which I got caned. 😦
    But yes, I do remember Me and Scribby got punished together once in school for talking and talking. 😛
    Engineering was my best time. I was the only girl in my class so there was little scope of not getting noticed, so I attended lectures and troubled my professors instead 😀 😀

  6. Saritha says:

    So much masti….

    I was very calm kid and never i got punished in the school.But we used to have different names to each teacher.My best school days were 11th and 12th.All boys used to do masti and principal used to call us to know who did and we girls never used to open our mouth as we used to enjoy the masti in the classroom…..

    • hitchy says:

      Our teachers normally made my best friend who was the naughtiest of the lot the monitor of the class and then when the teachers were not there it would be a complete riot ! 😀

  7. Riti says:

    aHHAAHHA !! I have no doubt in my mind that you used to spend most of your time outside the class 😛 😛 . I loved the photo, by the way . I used to be usually standing outside my class for not doing my homework. I don’t remember ever been bothered by it. it was fun looking at the trees and the KG students playing on the swing. I thoroughly ejoyed it. My mom was a teacher in the same class, she used to pass by and show me ‘the eyes’ . But, I was bindaas , pulled up my socks and gave a impish smile 😛 . This post bought back a lot of memories 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      having a teacher mom is tough na ? I guess people just expect discipline from you eh !

      Now that so many memories have resurfaced… why not get typing ! 😀

  8. pixie says:

    Brought back some lovely memories!! 🙂
    I used to get punished so very often in school and college!! :mrgreen:

    I still remember once when the teacher had accused me of falsely forging mum’s sign on a test paper back in college! She told me to stand outside the class – I walked out and went home and slept!! 😉
    She then told my friend to call me back inside, but I was nowhere to be found!! 😛

    This teacher still hates me even after 9 yrs of graduating from college! 😛 😀

    • hitchy says:

      I have actually forged my moms sign many times and in college I burnt my internal exam papers but didnt dare take them home I got 2 half marks from a paper of 50 marks ;-/

      I dont have any memories of any teachers in College… but loads of school memories 😀 In college we practically stayed in teh campus never in class !

  9. Indian Homemaker says:

    Brought back memories! We had to take rounds of the ground if we were late, and I am sure I must have done that sometime, but don’t remember doing that.
    In another school I remember kids being hit with a wooden scale on their palm, once a duster too, and once some parents complained against it. More common punishment was exactly what you see in this picture, more boys seem to get punished than girls and like these kids they too seemed to prefer it to being made to sit inside the class 😀

    Loved that picture – glad the kids were having fun.

    • hitchy says:

      we also used to take rounds for all sorts of things like reaching late, out of uniform, nails not cut, hair not trimmed and what not ! these were over and above them 😀

  10. shruti says:

    As i look back in my life, i remember the best school days,,,the fun teasing friends..sharing tiffin boxes in recesss…no tension…well i was my teacher’s pet…as so never got any punishments….basically only boys use to get punishment….20 rounds of schhol ground or standing outside the class…but it was fun looking at them and teasing…..:)

  11. Ashwathy says:

    lol no wonder I never gained weight in school
    U shud follow these rules now also…. will do wonders for ur weight! 😛

    LOL that math teacher would put my gym trainer to shame!! :mrgreen:

    ROFL! U were one proper shaitain weren’t you!! 😛 😛 YOu dawg! 😀 😀

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