A Summer Postcard…


rustle hustle, rustle hustle…

cracked the dry blades of grass…


diligently, attentively inspected the greedy soul

each and every piece in his bounty…

carefully, tenderly, delicately…
placing the unripe ones lower…
green beauties in golden hay…
ah your time will come…
he thought… 🙂
aromatic golden ripe mature ones…
they made him lust just like hell…
he dipped them in water to cool them off…
imagining a treat like none other…
each piece of this Godly fruit….

made him feel just like in heaven !

😀 😛 😛 😛 :mrgreen:


Photo Credits : The Ghost Who Ate those lovlies ! 😉


39 thoughts on “A Summer Postcard…

  1. suranga date (@ugich) says:

    I’m almost living an epic!

    Daughter of the Kokan,
    growing up amidst
    the rich sweet
    but strict Devgad soil,
    green and blossoming
    in my teenage,
    and then emerging out
    into a sunny world
    heavy and nubile with seed.

    Normally treated with care
    resting on shelves
    on a bed of straw
    and my faithful old leaves,
    and unfortunately
    Ambayana happens….

    The single headed
    Dhiravan from Bharuch
    giving me the evil eye,
    kidnapping me
    and chugging off
    through the ghats,
    dreaming of his future with me ….

    Sita, alone under he Ashoka tree
    was left alone,
    but this Dhirasur
    takes photos of me
    for world wide publicity…

    And no Hanumans too,
    with all the strikes….

    I think its time
    we Sitas got organized;
    we have so much help from
    New Delhi,

    Time to write Seeta Ambayan
    and the defeat
    of the Dhiravan ?

    • hitchy says:

      Buhahahahaha !!!!!

      where is the Rama but to stop my Appetite that equals ten stomachs… !!!!!!!!!!!

      Ravan had 10 heads…
      I have 10 Bellies !!!!!!!!!!


      Just imagine the scene !!!!!!!

  2. phoenixritu says:

    Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes …….. slurp; will not read the poem just because you called Delhiites nasty Humph! (Just kidding)

  3. sangeetakhanna says:

    Mangoes are great any which way dear ghost 🙂 and you can always try your camera on it and get absolutely great pictures.

    Now after reading that you called Delhiites nasty, i forgot what you wrote in rhyme about the mangoes 😦

    • hitchy says:

      Blasphemy… one remark and I suddenly realise what a crime it was !!! I take my words back… Delhi’ites are generous.. I generally dont categorise or generalise… once I do it and I am made to eat my words… but it was just an effort to get one across monu in the leg pulling drama…

      😥 😥

  4. wanderlustathome says:

    That’s my kind of post 🙂 Reminds me of home, we had 17 mango trees, each of a different variety and planted and brought up lovingly by my gand mother. She and most of the three are no more now 😦

  5. indianscrewup says:

    Mangoessssss ! they like so yumm !
    Right now all we are getting in the market are those hybrid ones :/

  6. pixie says:

    ooh!! how so very delcious!! Sigh…
    the Mangoes I have eaten so far still don’t measure up to the ones we get back home!

  7. Indian Homemaker says:

    “carefully, tenderly, delicately…
    placing the unripe ones lower…”

    And even the picture is poetic 🙂

    Lolled at the awesome, mouth watering poetry that greed can create!! 🙄

  8. Deeps says:

    Wah wah, vaari jaaoon! what lines, Hitchybeta!! Amazing how beautifully mangoes can bring out the poet in you! Delicious-looking mangoes…yearning yearning!

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