Emerge : The Ghost who has a Hobbes :D

For those who came in late ….

The 23rd Phantom who wears specs in his public life avatar and advises investments has a Hobbes who at no point forgets him and although they had a legendary rivalry during their playing days from which they both voluntarily retired they still remain soulmates. I must add here they retired cause it was too painful to watch everyone else lose and hence… 😎 and so the legends allowed the mortals their shot at glory.

So the couple was out shopping, talking in philmy songs and picking clothes when they arrive to a section that has super hero costumes and they see a purple thingy t-shirt and immediately *BULB*


Yes, blogging may have  reduced, the inane comment spamming may have long gone, but the genuine love still remains and keeps growing stronger over Butty Sandwiches !!!!! 😀 The love is so pure they don’t even share their food 😀 😀 😀 each one simply devours to hearts content !!!!

*burp* 😈 😎 :mrgreen:

Am I thrilled to have this and wear it and own it or what !!!!!!!!!!!!

😀 😀 😀 😀


13 thoughts on “Emerge : The Ghost who has a Hobbes :D

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    Voluntary retirement…. the pain was too much!
    oooooh, the pain, the pain…don’t remind me. Thank God that’s behind us now…. 🙄

    Yeah, legendary rivals! I remember you writing “Pah! Crafty again!” whenever I beat you 😛 😆

    That rivalry post brings back some fond memories 😀

    Yeah, and Birdie pointed this tee out, and I squealed “OMG PHANTOM TEE!!” so loudly, he stepped back a few paces. I think the pestering salesman who was shadowing us left us alone for the entire shopping escapade, after my yelling.

    Looks super awesome, and if you don’t own it, it’s blasphemy!! 🙂


  2. Nancy says:

    U guys dont share ur food with eachother;-o????
    Then without a doubt it is the most strongest fraaaandship evahhhh 😀

    Coool teee, the ghost who walks…….those were fun days*going thru memory lane*!!!!!

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