My not so beautiful hair story :-/

So Indiblogger has this contest about “My Beautiful Hair Story”  sponsored by Dove who have a question about how Hair aware are you and it brings to my mind the fact about how hair aware I was when growing up and I had to pen it down err… I mean type it down :P, though not such a beautiful story but a tale of  woes actually. However,  I will participate for I want the iPad or Samsung Phone ! :mrgreen: Nothing but with Greed on my mind I begin…


I am a pretty simple man when it comes to fashion actually simple is a kind word the more apt word would be clumsy. 😦 Apparently it is a rage these days amongst girls to have straight hair as I see. Infact it began at home when one day I saw my sister in law come from Indore and I saw all of a sudden her lovely curly hair had vanished and she had straight hair and frankly I felt she looked like a err…. lets say not so nice as earlier ! :-O When we all talked about it I found out that my brother actually loved the straight hair all girls were getting and encouraged his wife to get it done.


Quite frankly as I encountered more and more people going for straight hair I found it increasingly irritating. Even Sachin Tendulkar has opted for straight hair and well whilst its his personal choice and I have no say in that. I can certainly opine that he looks silly to say the least. Its not that I don’t like straight hair but am amazed how people let their natural curl’s go ! I find it difficult to accept people who had nice curly hair coming to me in straight hair all of a sudden ! I prefer the natural shapes much much better be it hair or errr… never mind, lets stick to the hair for this post ! :mrgreen:


I am a guy who has straight hair ! Don’t for one moment think that I am against people going for straight hair because I fear more people will become like me. I have always hated my straight hair growing up, still do, but just manage them better now as I have come to understand my hair in 34 years ! 🙂


My mom says as a toddler the straight hair on the forehead looked cute, I agreed till one day my parents shifted to another town and I for the first time in 5th Class went to a co-ed school. Coming from a boys school where all that mattered was how fast you could run or how hard you could hit the ball suddenly I had a girl sitting next to me as my bench partner with nothing but a bag between us. Imagine the case of a woman on a diet left alone in a cake shop. All of a sudden there was a conscious boy who loved the feeling of being surrounded by the girls and yet felt clumsy all the time about his looks, he needed to have clean clothes and most importantly have a decent flock of hair as only they could enhance the look. But my hair refused to be wooed by the girls, they decided they just loved my forehead and they would not go away from it no matter what. I seriously think almost half my time in school would go behind trying to keep my hair in place and it showed on my studies, I was a scholar till I was in the boys school coz I didn’t have to worry about my hair there… suddenly from high 80% marks I came to the 60% marks in 5th for the first time… blame it on the girls or the hair one and the same… 😦

Some cousins would tease by calling it the ‘Tapeli Cut’ meaning you put an empty vessel on your head and then whatever hair that was left out was cut and hence this look 😦 some even more evil souls would call my hair cut a ‘Sadhna Cut’  and would giggle their hearts out at my expense…. 😦 😥 Can you now fathom the amount of amazement I encounter when I see people going for straight hair !!!!!!!!!!!


I know after seeing that picture you will nod your head and acknowledge the fact that I had no choice but to concur. No matter how many times I would take them away from the forehead and park them within themselves they would just return to their place. Something like a dog’s tail, you just cant stop it from doing what they are naturally designed to do 😦


I would apply oil to keep my hair from falling on my forehead but that had another effect some of my hair in the centre would stand up like a choti the moment they would be applied with oil. At nights I would use bands that girls used to use to keep the hair up and culture (teach) them to stay away from my forehead but to no avail. If after bath I would go out on a bicycle or bike before they dried they would just stand up like I had just seen a ghost and actually make me look like a Ghost 😥 😦


Then one day me and my two brothers who were facing the same problem went to our family barber ! We had decided we would shave off our heads the na rahega baas an bajegi basuri solution. I remember the middle brother went first and after seeing him without hair the other two just bailed out and ditched him alone without hair. Going bald was not a solution… sigh… Don’t even ask what our brother did to the two of us and how much he cursed till his hair grew back and all sorts of reasons he gave to people about going bald 😛  It was not even a fashion to go bald then 😛


Like all good things in life come accidentally I noticed once that whenever we would play cricket and I would sweat under my cap, my sweat actually acted as the best hair gel that would keep my hair in one place and not allow them to fall on to my forward. A miraculous discovery had been made. Soon it became a practice to comb my hair and wear a cap after bath for about 20 mins and LO ! Amazingly my hair would stay away from my forehead. 😀 😀 😀 As silly as it sounds I always carry a cap with me, even when I would go to work meetings or training, after bath for a while I would sit in a cap in my room to allow my hair to settle ! 😛 No wonder I always have a cap on my head

… and that was the end of my hair problems! 😛 😛 😛


30 thoughts on “My not so beautiful hair story :-/

  1. Deeps says:

    Oh c’mon you look way way way cuter than Sadhna! Look at that impish look on your face! 😀 And boy you had such think hair! BTW thats a smart way of keeping your hair gelled with sweat.. :lol:!

    • hitchy says:

      Awww… mom you will always be partial ! 😛 😛 😛 😛 to your kiddo ! 😛 😛 😛 lol the mamta suddenly came out and the devil disappeared for a while eh ! 😀

      and well there were no gels then… atleast we hadnt heard of it then 😀 so had to find something !!! these days teh kids spike their hair up 1 😀

  2. R's Mom says:

    1. I loved your look so so adorable 🙂

    2. You sure are going to win this contest, this is like the cutest hair story I have ever read in a long time 🙂

    3. I would so so want to have straight hair…mine are all curly and honestly I dont have the patience to sit through a 5 hour straightening session 😦 I am just too lazy

    4. RD has straight hair just like yours…he cuts them short at the back and then slightly longer than the short at the front 🙂 he looks cute when he doesnt apply hair gel to it, but he feels its not professional enough and applies it when he goes to work Gah!

    5. R has straight hair..and its kept short as of now 🙂 I chopped off her tresses after daily fights with her in the morning with her school insisting on two chotis and toh I feel, I will make her go bald the next time 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      🙂 I love this reply style !

      1. Aww hugsssssss 😀

      2. I hope i get a goodie ! 😛 lol ! 😀

      3. Nooooooo ! Neva ! The curls are the best that there can be I always wanted curly hair but never got them.. infact they are so rare… !

      4. Haha I guess he knows the problems with the straight short hair… they probably stand up in the wind ! 😛

      5. !!!!!!!!! Lazy bum… ! Let her grow her hair ! but I can understand though in the morning rushing for school and all there is barely time to see the brighter sides… all we want is faster results and getting her ready… My junior has the same hair as mine and I so hope he doesnt hate it like me !

  3. Ashwathy says:

    Hahahah !!! I nominate this as the most laughable post about hair I’ve ever read! 😆

    I prefer the natural shapes much much better be it hair or errr… never mind, lets stick to the hair for this post !
    Pervert kahin ke!!! 😛 😀

    Don’t even ask what our brother did to the two of us and how much he cursed till his hair grew back and all sorts of reasons he gave to people about going bald
    OMG!!! Proper devils, the other 2 !!! 😡 😛

    Silly you! People die to have straight hair. You naturally have it and you don’t know how to handle it. Talk about life’s ironies! 🙄

    • hitchy says:

      Ha ha ! the dirty mind noticed it eh ! 😛 😛

      lol my brother had a proper tragedy period for almost a month… he would look at the mirror and get even more angry on the laughing two of us 😛 😆

      I dont know why people die to have straight hair honestly ! people like you have such wonderful hair ! I love the wavy, curly types much better ! 😀

      • Ashwathy says:

        That’s why I didn’t make my hair poker straight… it’s still wavy. 🙂 Poker straight (if not for the rare few for whom its natural) makes it seem very artificial.

  4. pixie says:

    Full to Nautanki!! 😛
    I hope you win the contest!! 😀

    And my hair is curly and unruly and it has a mind of its own.. sigh!
    I don’t wish for straight hair, but I do wish mine were a bit more manageable!

    • hitchy says:

      @Pixie dont tell me that… you barely have a handful of hair…if you cant manage them… well err… then… gee… I can barely speak with the quantity I have and cant manage 😛 lol !

  5. My Era says:

    Superb fun entry….you are surely going to get a prize 🙂
    I have curly hair and have always kept them short (though grew them a couple of times to shoulder length only to return to my original style in no time). So I have actually haven’t had many (that too won’t be more than ten) bad hair days in my life :mrgreen:
    Having said that I can totally imagine a 5 grade boy losing grades cause of those hair on the forehead 😛
    Absolutely loved that adorable shot of your childhood days 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      Curly hair are something I have always loved more ! 😀 even short look great ! 😀 You know the hair the girls the pimples… how can one keep his grades when there are so many things to worry about.. !

      😀 😀 Glad ! 😀

  6. Riti says:

    Hitchy , cute story . But, I don’t think you are getting the I-pad / Samsung thing with this one 😀 .. Don’t get me wrong, but this contest is meant to be ( I think )like those Fair & Lovely ads where the sawli girl gets the dude after applying the thing and becoming gori -chitti. Here, better hair after some hair treatment or something. Something on that lines, in any case .. 😛 .. Setting hair with sweat .. Really ? 😀 ..No Dove using girl would approve of that !

    And I think I remember that episode of your brother getting bald ! All Gayatri flats people were talking about it, didnt know the history b/h it 😀 haaha !! 😀 … Also, I think ‘Sadhna cut’ was quite the in-thing in Bharuch for a while .. I had one too 😀 😀 :D. But you were way ahead of times with your Sadhna cut .. tee hee hehe 😀

    • hitchy says:

      @Riti – kind words those 😈 pah… anyways iPad or no ?! atleast it got me writing again !

      and Dove using wifey has approved me ! So you better correct your lines 😛 😛 😛 !!! ha ha….

      You had one too !? where is the pci ?! send me on mail or fb !? ha ha we make a collage of sadhna cut kids ! 😀 whatssay !?

  7. Rakesh says:

    hahaha!!! OMG this seems like I’ve written this. The cap was a wonderful discovery indeed. I’d used to wear it on the way to office and by the time i’d reach office, the cap would’ve served its purpose 🙂

    Because of this, till this day, I can’t keep long hair. I tried but then had to wear a hair band with it. So ditched that look as well.

    Short and spiked now suits me fine. Unfortunately, you have no hair left to try it 🙂

  8. umasanthy says:

    I fall under Straight hairs .and I find curly ones attractive …making rich look of the face…Cute Kid 😉

  9. shail says:

    The L & M used to use those hair nets women used to hold his hair in place after his bath. Errrr… I am talking of the days he had hair to hold in place 😛
    Funny post and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You sure are a Sadhna look-alike as far as your hair goes 😛

  10. sreeja says:

    Oh lots of funny touch…and your way to manage that hair too…my son will be happy to meet you…..we manage it by cutting it too short….

  11. Sandhya Kumar says:

    Thanks for a happy read. I am still smiling.

    You look better than Sandhna, here. Nice chubby cheeks. Yes, Sachin was looking better with his curly hairs!

    Husband has still got a good lot of hair – pepper salt hair. I had hair like Jaya’s in Chupke Chupke…hmmm, they are just memories now!

    You have got good sense of humour, Dhiren! Write often!

  12. Zeph says:

    love how you’ve fulfilled all theie “requirements” without saying one nice thing about the product! super fun read… good luck! 🙂 (and thanks for voting me up as well)

  13. UmaS says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is that nobody is quite contended with the straight hair or the curls they have…it just needs to be the opposite. I am facing two girls everyday who stand before the mirror to wail “Why my hair is like this ??? I want it the other way”…And I smile to myself that this is a phase which too shall pass.

    LOL @ the brother’s solution to shave off their hair…Didnt you think that it’ll grow back the same way ???

    And your kiddish pic is so cute…actually that Sadhana cut makes you stand out in a crowd !!!

  14. Deepa says:

    Such a cute post! No wonder the girls went ga-ga over that chubby face! 🙂 Best wishes for the contest – I can see you in one of the winners already. Chuckling at the thought of making the elder brother shave off his head and the others bailing out. How mean 🙂

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