God’s dont need agents…


During a heated discussion finally, I couldn’t resist and out it came, God’s dont need agents maybe prostitutes or businessmen do… !


The middle men are nothing but commission agents ! For me to communicate with my God I don’t need any religion, place or ‘kriya’ to determine how I need to behave or appease my God. I believe in God, I simply loathe at all religions, I refuse to follow any customs unless it seems logical to me and what seems like illlogical today might seem logical to me at some point and I might just do it. Point is there are no rules and I have my own religion with my own God. I don’t have a name for it coz if I name it I might have disciples and I don’t want any. I don’t want to preach. So for God sake stop preaching to me if I should do this or not, eat that or not or this is Blasphemy..


How hopeless does it sound that two people who love each other and want to marry cannot do so because of a effing horoscope that doesn’t ideally match, a couple of pandit’s feel the guy will die early !!! Among the parents there is one doctor and one professor and two other graduate housewives !!! The icing on the cake is, when my friends resisted and told their parents that they will marry and not give in, the parents went to seek a solution from the pandit who had the nerve to suggest a certain puja would solve the problem !! Gimme a break people ! You cannot be so naive… the Dalal will perform a pooja and the God’s will smile ???! :-O


It beats me how educated people don’t question and just keep following rituals, instructions from parents, elders, brahmins or maulvi’s. People’s thinking at times is appalling, the other day a relative of mine prompted me that I must have another child, as much as it is a personal matter and I didn’t even think he was close enough to talk about it what was most utterly shocking was the reason he wanted me to bear another child. He thought the Jain population is going down and I must play my part by bearing the minimum quota of 2 children !!!!! I was shocked that this guy an engineer was talking like this. I couldn’t even tell if he understood what he was advocating and what it meant. It seemed he feared a religious war breakout some day and was insecure about the numbers on his side ?!


Another friend of mine who is a muslim finally gave into his families wishes that his children must be instructed my a maulvi, however, he won the argument that they wouldn’t be going to a madressa but he will have a maulvi come to his house to instruct his kids. His family doesn’t feel the need but just want to do it so that they are not boycotted from the community. My friend warned the maulvi to just stick to teaching Islam and not grill any of the hate stories in his child’s mind.


At most times I wonder how do religions help !? Apart from separating people and feeding the Pandit’s/Maulvi’s/Priests what objectives do they achieve ? How can a book written about 2000 or more years back be followed today as well !? I always think whilst time went on, religions didn’t evolve at all. Some lecherous so called protectors or spreader’s of God’s word have used them to their advantage only.


What I most of all hate is whilst you are following your belief’s let me follow mine and don’t try to thopofy your belief’s on me… The mere fact that people need to spread their thinking and market them makes me feel religion is as useless as it can get.


I must once again repeat, I believe in my God just that my God doesn’t preach any religion to me !


do we really need them !?


40 thoughts on “God’s dont need agents…

    • pixie says:

      I agree with you. I usually say I’m more spiritual rather than religious.
      Its these practices which lead to pre-conceptions and these pre-conceptions lead to rigidity and fixed thoughts.

      God needs no agents, no middle-man. And the so-called swamijis are such fakes that its almost hilarious!!

      And OMG at having another child for the sake of increasing population!! that’s just so wrong and ridiculous!!!

      And really, I’m glad your friend stuck to his guns about the maulvi. My friend was telling me about how some are so rigid and say such strong things about other religions and how strongly they condemn liberal and free-thinking… 😐

      Brilliant Post Hitchy!

    • hitchy says:

      I don’t know if Jain population is going down or not… but to think like that itself is silly… ! I dare not tell anyone of my relatives what all I eat… I will be disowned by my mom first ! if she knows !!! :mrgreen:

    • hitchy says:

      I mean I refuse to do anything that is told to me is to be done coz God’s require it to be done… I dont think God’s specified any rituals of the silly sort…

      The concept of God as per me is within me… maybe my alter ego and The god Inside sounds quite logical to me 🙂

      • Rakesh says:

        So essentially whatever voice comes from inside u, u’ll tend to follow it. I guess thts exactly wht even suicide bombers do.

          • Rakesh says:

            I’m trying to get at the fact that the concept of God itself is as illogical as all the rituals and religions built around it.

            If you do believe in the concept that ‘God’ exists then you accept that there is certainly a power which is absolute and ‘right’ in all aspects and is above you.

            In that case, there is always a possibility / risk of you passing your judgments, actions, feelings to the will of ‘God’.

            And we know that when Man gets an excuse of God, he is all the more passionate in doing evil.

            I don’t think that someone who believes in God can imagine God as a passive power; ie. just there but not doing anything. Coz. if that is the case, then what is the point of God?

            • hitchy says:

              Rakesh to me God is my inner voice possibly which tells me what to do and what not to do… Slightly complicated, its someone inside me, maybe my alterego to whom I have to prove what I am doing is right I have to justify in many ways what I did was right or wrong… I dont believe that God is a super power or any thing of that sort… In anycase my argument is not against the belief in God’s my argument is against rituals and religions… If someone wants to believe in his god and follow a ritual fair… just dont thopofy it on me or any person in your family or surrounding…

              • Rakesh says:

                But my argument is exactly against the belief of God himself / itself.

                Just replace ‘God’ with Conscience in your above comment and it will make complete sense.

                “Conscience is my inner voice possibly which tells me what to do and what not to do… Slightly complicated, its someone inside me, maybe my alterego to whom I have to prove what I am doing is right I have to justify in many ways what I did was right or wrong…”


                I guess, you’re at the stage where I was few years back – borderline aethist and it won’t be long untill you turn into a full non-believer like me 🙂

                Welcome to the club!

  1. UmaS says:

    No religion can be beyond humanity !!! And I hate any form of rituals or customs thrust on us, which puts down the humanitarian aspect of the whole incident.
    How can a puja nullify the effects of a predicted death ??? Come on….be realistic…

    Also I have this strong notion that when religions were formed long long ago, there was no such rules and regulations to it and every religion basically teaches the same good things. Its the people on the way, who have given a face and lot of attachments to it, thereby masking the basic principles of that religion.

    Loved the apt pic at the end…

    • hitchy says:

      At times I really wonder if God’s named the religion as the tales rarely say that… its probably the disciples who spread the word… most religions have encountered a strong powerful king who then spreads the reach… but no seriously almost all god’s say the same basic things about humanity… its the customs that I have a problem with and i am pretty certain they are all devised by these agents !

    • R says:

      @UmaS – I totally agree with you, Humanity comes first ! Many unpleasant people I know are extremely religious. Logon ki burai karna, doorson ko ill treat karna , and every year Ganga nahana 😛 😛

  2. up↑take says:

    I hardly indulge in rituals but, guess what, I actually envy people who have such blind faith. Not sure if the following is related in anyway, but I just read this and have to pass it on!

    We have forgotten how to value things without a price tag. Hence, when we get to our most abundant gifts — like attention, insight, compassion — we confuse their worth because they’re, well, priceless.

    In the villages, your worth wasn’t assessed by your business card, professional network or your salary. That innate simplicity allowed them to love life and cherish all its connections.

  3. R says:

    I could not agree more with you that we do not need a middleman to communicate with my god. I agree that there is no need to ‘thopofy’ any one religious views on another person. But, this is not so simple. It comes from generations and generations of brain-washing ..

    I come from a very non-religious family, and married into one of the most religious families I have ever seen. I have been observing my new family and these are my main observations

    1. All religions thrive on fear, more fear, no or little faith. People are scared right from childhood that if you don’t follow certain rituals bad things are bound to happen to you. (Which will happen whatever you do). I have even been told that since I am not religious (and an expectant mother), something bad will happen to my unborn child and I will start believing in god .. Fear applies more to women than men, according to me..

    2. Religion is used as an excuse to shirk day to day house-hold chores, especially by men. Get one day off in the week, get up really late, spend 3 hours worshipping the household deity, while the woman toils away in the kitchen. Rest of the day passes by .. No help for her in any way whatsoever !

    To me, these are really good motivation for both men and women to continue doing what they have been doing for thousands of years. Some rebels like us will disagree, fight , argue.. but that’s about it. Majority will continue and leave us aghast at their beliefs . I can only hope that someday my children will understand this and will be able to make the right choice for themselves.

    • hitchy says:

      Exactly the word Fear… they fear and hence they do so many things and make you do so many things !?

      Which I am just not ready to comply with… !

      Bout the work shirking excuses… I dont know… but why wouldnt you spend the day worshipping the deity through the sunday ! 😛 :mrgreen: maybe that will make everyone forget all about religion ! :mrgreen: 😈

      • R says:

        No, no.. the woman does her job of setting up the deity for the 3 hour worship which takes another half hour. It’s not that she has any time off from doing that. And why would you spend the only day off worshiping when there are a million other things to do around the house ? It’s most certainly a way to shirk chores and it does not go down well with me at least .. 😛

  4. Fuzzy Logic says:

    Aye, this is so true.
    For me, religions are an insight to culture. I like reading/observing just so that I can satiate my own curiosity. Each have their own basic fundamentals and some have very interesting principles which I find are worthwhile. Sometime I borrow from a multitude of them. But that doesn’t make me religious at all.

  5. Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan says:

    All religions were based on the same basic principle : love fellow man. It’s people like these pujaris and Godmen who feed off people’s blind beliefs and need for salvation… they get their millions and in their words, people get solace.

  6. techie2mom says:

    My first time here…And i have to put my comment. “God’s dont need agents maybe prostitutes or businessmen do… !” this just hit home….
    And this horoscope thing i could never understand…For my and hubbie’s match the pandits said that i will be very unhappy if i marry this guy, but we went ahead and got married. And i think i am reasonably happy in my relationship. So where did that prediction of unhappiness go?!

  7. sangeeta khanna says:

    Religion has become an industry..look at the people who keep going to all those babas and sadhus …disgusting.
    Recently read somewhere….do you preach Bible or like growth? So apt.

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