a totally blah sorta day

As we get nearer to finishing the construction work we started at home it just seems to be getting more and more longer. Around a week back I thought it was just 3-4 days and now it still looks like a week and more importantly it consumes so much time now its unbelievably taxing on me. My brother has a very good excuse that he works in a bank and he can’t be out of his office. So the proud free lancer me has a foot in the mouth situation.

On a day when the plumber, electrician, mason, carpenter, the tiles fellow and a furniture fitter all come together its like utter chaos… Sigh… From running to buy nails to getting pipes to getting white cement in between getting a latch then reaching a shop without taking my wallet bah… then going to pay money then selecting a light fitting and finalising the bed and side tables all in one day !!!!! Someone needs a stool, someone wants to know at what height do I fit the granite, where do you want the towel rack, where do we fix the mirror, what all patch works you need to do and what fitting to fit where !!!! I went absolutely crazy today running around. Did not go out for any of my work and all has piled on for tomorrow now 😥

The only icing on the cake is that now my room is almost looking like livable with the bed in no more sleeping on the floor and even the other two bedrooms of my mom and bro are about to be finished hopefully this time by this Sunday.

Trust me and take my word… never get work done whilst you are living in the house, its a real pain in the ass. Once all the bathrooms and bedrooms are done I will set sight to the hall, kitchen and the compound so the ordeal it seems has just begun ! For the moment though not only am I totally broke but totally exhausted… I actually seriously need another holiday !!!! Seriously !!!! If you are interested in sponsoring my visit to your house to eat eat and entertain you all please email me ! 😎


14 thoughts on “a totally blah sorta day

  1. pixie says:

    Aww! Hugs Hitchy!!
    Construction and repair work is slow and frustrating! But, think of the end result and how gorgeous your house is gonna be when all done 🙂
    You get to see your blueprints come to reality!


  2. R's Mom says:

    Gosh its bad na rey..Even Smitha was telling the same thing..living at the same place when work is going on can be crazy…take care and hope the work gets done fast fast

  3. Ritika says:

    My mother has a very simple philosophy- When you think your house needs renovation,just shift in a new one 😀

    PS : We are shifting in a new house this December

  4. kanagu says:

    this building work is absolutely crazy.. I accept bhai.. 😦 we need to run all the time and we don’t know when to run and all of them wil come together..

    All the very best 🙂

  5. Writerzblock says:

    Welcome here any time Hitchy bhai 🙂 And this too shall pass. Very soon you will be lounging luxuriously in your new and revamped home, sending us pictures of naturally lit rooms and a plate of hot samosas 🙂

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