Greed must wait…

Ever since I came to know about my award winning post being selected by Dove in the Indiblogger – My beautiful hair story contest I have been regularly checking my email to see if they write to me asking for my address. Eventually thanks to Suranga I came to know we were to update our address in our profile in Indiblogger, however a week has passed by and apparently no communication has still come through from Indiblogger.


Wonder if they have dealt with novices and jokers like me before, who are like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for their prize… I mean frankly I have not won many things in life… and I kinda get easily excited and am increasingly greedily awaiting my prize… Yes, I can be pretty cheap that way too ! But none of my emails, or forum inquiries or Indiblogger fella’s seem to be bothered… Apparently it seems they all are telling me that my greed must wait… 😦


My condition though is something like Vicky Kapoor not Donor of Sharabi…. ! 😛


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