parents at fault.. and no one else..

I have some serious issues when a lot of parents keep complaining that my 3-5 year old just doesn’t understand… I mean obviously they won’t its upon the parents to make them understand…


Just recently a friends mom fell and was badly wounded and had to be admitted, the doctors of that hospital were all my clients and hence I assisted my friend in getting things done. All was settled around 9 in the night and the operation was planned for next day noon and it would last approx 4 hours. Just about 9.30 pm I was discussing things with a doctor about the markets when all was done my friend called me. I disconnected once, he called again and I picked up. My friend had a story that my kids want to meet their granny. Now these hospitals don’t allow kids in visiting hours and here was my friend requesting to allow them to meet at 10 in the night almost. I refused and he said the kids were crying at home and wanted to meet. I couldn’t resist and requested the doctor and even he first refused but when I said his kids were crying at home he gave into my persuasion and informed the security permission.


I didn’t think much of this at first.


Next day around 8.30 I went to meet my friends mom and check if all had been alright since I was out of station and my friend had the same request again, can you arrange for the kids to meet their granny.


I was appalled and didn’t know what to tell him. When I said you shouldn’t encourage kids to come here, there might be infection flying around in the hospital he had the same story, they aren’t staying home, they are crying, please !


I was seriously irritated and really wanted to give a piece of mind but all I could muster was, sorry I won’t request the doc’s you see if you can manage yourself and left.


Now when this friend of mine complains his kids 3 & 5 year old’s don’t listen to him and all that crap I really feel its he & his wife who don’t understand their role and its not the  kids who are at fault. Can’t a parent at times stand their ground and say a No is a No ! If parents keep giving into every whim or every sob a child makes then God save them.





18 thoughts on “parents at fault.. and no one else..

  1. R's Mom says:

    Well, I agree Hitchy….a parent must know where to draw a line..For R who is 4.5 for the records, there are times I do give in, if her request (read tantrum) is okie to do and does not harm anyone or make anyone bend rules…but there are definitely times I draw a line saying no means no…she does continue with her tantrums (read screaming,shouting, crying, making sad hiccups) but I dont give in…

    Its after all our responsibility as parents, to teach children some amount of discipline!

  2. Ashwathy says:

    I have lost track of the number of parents who crib about their children’s behaviour while in reality doing nothing to discipline them…. It’s seriously annoying 😐

  3. deviantwave says:

    Sigh, I am errr lets 20 + x and my parents still feel that I don’t understand – gosh can you tell them that its actually their fault? 😛 😛
    On a serious note a lovely post, I can’t tell you how much such parents irk me, who dig their own graves and then complain when the children ditch them!

  4. Deeps says:

    Totally agree, Hitchy! It gets my goat when I come across parents who dont understand their responsibility towards their children and on top of that justify their actions and coat it with, ‘ arre, bache hai, kya karein, maante hi nahi!’ Aargh!

  5. shail says:

    Agree! It is the duty of parents to make children understand and obey them. Otherwise they have to just stay put at home and listen to their children cry.

  6. Comfy says:

    With you on this one. The parents need to set boundaries for the kids and make sure the kids follow them. You can’t break hospital rules and that too every single day just because you can ensure that your kid does not listen to you.

  7. UmaS says:

    Totally agree Hitchy !!! Its the parents who should make the kids understand that a NO is a No !!! Giving in to their every request, will have its own consequences later…

  8. wanderlustathome says:

    Agree whole heartedly! Kids will be kids and they know exactly where and with whom their tantrums work. These parents irritate me to the core and I shudder at the thought of these monsters turning into irresponsible adults. And then the very same parents start complaining about ‘this generation’!!!

  9. Nancy says:

    Agree with all comments here….u knw the way I see it, easiest thing to do is give in and then crib, crib :-S. Most oparents nowadays have very little quality time to give their kids 😦

  10. amadshsw says:

    Yes agree totally…Discipline is something that has to be followed by all parents. I was surprised when my friend’s kid who is 2 1/2 years old, hit me with a stone right on my forehead. It just missed my eye. But I did not see her shouting or explaining the child that what he had done is wrong. Instead, she was just ok with it and was telling me that her son is too mischievous and naughty….I am surely not blaming the kid. He is too small to be blamed, but least she could have done was corrected the little one so that somebody else wouldnt get hurt in future..

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