darkest before dawn…

Without doubt it was never so glum, 8-0 in tests abroad and 2-1 at home against England. The era I could say I started understanding and following cricket probably starts from as long back as 1992 the world cup in Australia and the emergence of Sachin as a top batter in Australia. I have been madly following Indian cricket since then and it would be fair to say that now that I understand the can see things above being just a crazy fan that our team was rather ordinary during those days. Indian cricket was all about a wristy Azhar Century or a Strokeful master stroke Sachin, at home Sidhu’s would also run rampage but when abroad… it was all about watching a Sachin century whilst all around him fell.


Then came the mid 90’s and probably the core started to emerge… the emergence of Sourav, Rahul, Anil, Srinath gave us hope of better things to come. It all went very very bad though before it started to turn around. A 3-0 blank down under, skipper resigning, South Africa beating us at home and it looked like the Final Frontier for Waugh’s team was also to be conquered. 1 test down and following on in the second even the staunchest of staunch Indian cricket fan would have given up… but cricket they say is a funny game.


All Indian cricket fans would know that we saw an India that was different from the norm, from 2001 to probably 2011 we saw a different India, one that did not buckle down under pressure, yes 2004 happened Australia won in India but together such a long stretch as is now has not been seen. Its been a period of denial. A near miss in South Africa to win a series to the World Cup Victory to this… phase its been an unbelievably quick downslide. More worrying was the denial of many obvious things.


In many ways it would serve India probably better if they were to lose in the Test starting from tomorrow in Nagpur.


However, cricket, as they say is a funny game and now that suddenly former selectors decide to spill beans, former cricketers bay for players being dropped and the fans baying for blood. Don’t be surprised if you find a new India tomorrow in Nagpur.


The cricketers I guess will be forced to fight their inner demons which they have been running away from. These are talented people, however, seems have been basking too long in their glory. It seems destined to wake them up from their slumber and probably rumble tomorrow.


Beats me though, maybe it is the Indian (read subcontinental) mentality or something else that we cannot ever be always highly motivated and intense by ourselves and need to be pushed in a corner before we start delivering punches… I leave that for you to judge… I will watch closely the guys in Nagpur and hope they can put in a much better effort than the one they have been putting up.



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