Leave him alone…

In response to Harsha Bhogle’s piece on Cricinfo : http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/597889.html


He loved the game,

belting leather was a passion,

gifted he was,

devotion came naturally,

worked terribly hard he did,

runs he scored,

by the dozens,

but alas…

we never understood his love,

we named him God,

he didn’t ask but we did,

he scored and scored and scored,

but we felt he doesn’t win matches,

forgetting that he tried his best,

forgetting there were others who were lacking,

but he was the cynosure always,

he loves the game still,

its been two decades,

but his zest is intact,

tries he does hardest,

we cannot fault him there,

but the cynosure he is always,

he doesn’t pick himself,

but we want him to drop himself,


wanting him to do other peoples jobs…


Guys we have selectors, give them headaches but leave him alone. If he wants to play he has full rights to play, he is trying his hardest to score runs. If there are better equipped players and if they can do better than him he should be dropped by the selectors, but, no one has the right to ask him to retire. That is a player’s decision always. His job is to try the best to score runs, when you feel the effort is not there raise fingers. If you feel you have to think of the future, do so, but, why expect him to do anything other than him putting in his hardest efforts to score runs ???


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