Visting Narmada :)

Many times in our busy and set routines we miss out on so many things around our lives. Somethings that are so near and yet so elusive. Sometimes we do not stretch our imagination beyond the restaurant and the multiplex or a party at a friends house. However, from time to time if you give into the outdoors you have a whole vibrant world waiting to keep you engaged and amused as well. It is winter and migratory birds always flock to our part of the world, a gentleman was kind enough to meet us on Saturday and lure us by saying hundreds of migratory birds of different species have come on the Narmada river bed near Kadod where there is an island on the river and water is quite shallow. Apparently it was just about 12 kms from my house and yet we were unaware.


We went off to the place at around 4 and the best thing was it had very few people and hence was very quiet and peaceful. This place is considered to be an auspicious place to take a dip in the river. Legend says that your soul becomes pure once you take a Dip in Ganga but the mere sight of Narmada will purify your soul… 🙂


We then managed to spot a wild hare, he was pretty curious and alert and a slight movement from us would invite jumps from him… but finally we settled and so did he to give us a pose… 🙂


Then after walking about 15 mins up river we first saw the silently gliding ducks…. I am not completely sure what species this is so please be my guest and help me identify them 🙂

DSC_0027But the moment we tried to get a little more nearer to them and get a more clearer shot they didn’t approve of it and off they went….

They went and landed with other birds which were of a much bigger size 🙂 🙂 Yes the famously beautiful Flamingo’s 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 They were a lot closer to our side of the shore, but the moment we started walking towards them, they decided to cross the river and go to the other side.


They walked very very elegantly without making much noise or fuss… they looked most beautiful when they flapped their wings and displayed the colours their wings hid… 🙂 🙂 We sat around for quite a while looking at them… seemed plenty of algae and fish were around. Unfortunately even the 55-200 lens is not enough to get close enough… this is as close as we could get to them.. 😦


Sitting on the shore of the river we discussed quite a bit about how the birds were clear that humans were not a class to be trusted and they wouldn’t stay near us. Sigh… and whilst sitting we managed to take a few shots of things stuck in time..


A few colours of nature around on the green banks of Narmada 🙂


Thanks to this High Tension Cable’s Tower being erected they had a metal road made till a lot near the river and we were able to drive to it.

25 thoughts on “Visting Narmada :)

  1. Suranga Daté says:

    First ! This was truly a lovely post. Enjoyed this and would love to do a trip there one day. Ah well, so many things planned, Sabudhana khichadi, Undhiyu, Ponk, and nothing happening soon….

  2. UmaS says:

    Hitchy, the flamingos are totally worth a visit to that place 🙂 A lovely trip to remember….

    How come you didn’t write about what food you packed for your picnic 😉

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