Favourite Book List…

I can always reel off lots of names if someone were to ask me my all time favorite movies or songs… but just when I read through this post by R I got thinking… whilst I always knew the most favorite one book I wondered if I could make my own have-to-impress list of favorite books…

btw this spell check is killing me folks… is it favourite or favorite ? sigh…

Anyways lets not digress, lets try out my have-to-impress list of favorite books…

1.) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Mark Twain


I am what I am because of this book, because Tom was my biggest hero growing up, I always wanted to ape him, my fantasies always were about revolting against the norm, being brave, being brash, being impulsive πŸ™‚ I found my Becky Thatcher just like Tom in school, I had friends always like Huckleberry Finn, my mom always disapproved of my friends πŸ˜› :P. I have been caught stealing mangoes and brought to mom.Β  She was my Aunt Polly you know. The cave adventure fascinates me still, I unfortunately have not ever got lost in such a cave, I say unfortunately coz I don’t fear caves, but always have craved for a Tom like adventure πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Sigh… there are so many facets of this book I love. I have read the book many times and can still sit about reading it any number of times…

2.) Bourne Supremacy – Robert Ludlum

A total fan of Jason Bourne. Alpha is for Delta, Delta is Cain, Carlos must die… these lines used to run my head whilst I was reading this book… totally gripped my imagination. I couldn’t put the book down when I started reading this book. Today when I try to write a book myself, I find so many shades of Jason Bourne in my hero I cant help but find myself copying it. But this book surely has to be up there in my favorite list !

3.) The Man Eaters of Kumaon – Jim Corbett

Read this whilst on Honeymoon, yea well, of all the times in life I did. We honeymooned in Tiger Land and I came across this book by the most loved Carpet Sahib of Kumaon and well on my honeymoon I instantly fell in love with the jungles and its tales. Beat that Guys !!!!! 😎 The whole description of going after a man eater in the wild, all the logic that Corbett used trying to hunt down the Man Eater and the falling in love with the enormous cat was too enthralling. Eventually Corbett shot more tigers with his camera and was instrumental in setting up India’s first national park. For once no one will change the name of this park just because it is named after an Englishman. To understand the nuances of a tiger and to get an experience of the colonial era do read this book.

4.) Sunny Days – Sunil Manohar Gavaskar

I read this book when I think I was 14 and it was so fascinating to hear the account from a person who was inside the dressing room. The romance with cricket had just about begun. I read about Sunil’s re-count of his first West Indian and England tours in 1971, the first time India won Test Series in the two countries and the whole experience from the fellow who delivered a stellar performance during that time was beautiful. Sunny to me came across as a very humble guy, down to earth, mighty proud of wearing the Indian cap. I was pretty impressed with the way he described his hero Jaisimha and his experiences with him. The nerves in the dressing room when the victory was within grasp were described most wonderfully and I could actually feel the tension although I knew the result. It has to be right up there..

Now I think we head towards the difficult territory, I have to now think if there is a 4th in the list somewhere ? No, don’t, for one minute think I am a voracious reader like Smita or Smitha or Monu… Maybe I can add John Wright’s book there but whilst it was a most wanting to know re-count of Indian Cricket’s golden era I don’t quite think it fits the list of my favorite books. I guess I cannot add a 5th to an all time favorite book list. I have grown up reading a lot of Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Nancy Drew and Perry Mason thankfully to generous cousins who passed on their books to me. I read a plethora of comics. If comics were included in books I guess Phantom had to be right at the top. I guess I stop at 4 all time favorite books guess its not so much of a have-to-impress passing list πŸ˜› but well. At least I got to 3, tells me I need to start reading books again. Off late I have read a lot of books half and left them in the middle as they don’t appeal me. My wife infact complains I must not buy books till I finish them as I have not read half the books I bought :-/

The one book I badly want to read is The Man Eaters of Tsavo by Col. John Patterson, I have downloaded it but not gotten down to reading it, I guess once I start it will be over within no time. There is something about books in Africa, movies based on colonial times that just pulls me towards them. I also firmly have not know of a real life adventure that is more interesting, gripping and fascinating as this account of two Man eating Lions in Tsavo. The Movie Ghost and the Darkness is a re-count of this most famous TRUE African adventure. πŸ˜€


13 thoughts on “Favourite Book List…

  1. R's Mom says:

    oh I loved your list..

    I liked Huck more than Tom for some reason πŸ™‚

    I have read Sunny days and that book by John Wright thanks to a cricket crazy husband who keeps getting some book or the other by cricketers..the latest he has got is some thing by Harsha Bhogle…I am yet to read that..

    I loved the Bourne series…it was total fun to read it..infact I need to re-read it..so thanks for that πŸ™‚

    I havent read Jim Corbett…should read it

    I think in comics, it would be Asterix at the top of my list, followed by Tin-tin, Phantom, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, wait, I am going to do a post on this one..thanks πŸ™‚

    • hitchy says:

      Sigh… I think I had done a post on comics and all the characters but I cannot find it right now ! Sigh 😦

      What reasons ??? huck over tom do tell me ! πŸ˜›

      Corbett book was so fascinating… you wont believe one night inside corbett forest I was reading the book and there was some noise outside our cottage… it was a govt cottage in dhikala… and the book was so much onto me that I didnt care to open the door and switch on the light to see outside… I was so scared it was a tiger on the prowl.. and actually the next day morning the guards told us a tiger had come in the premises that night… thankfully I read the book and stayed in bed !!!! πŸ˜› I guess missing the tiger was better than being his meal ! πŸ˜›

  2. Scribby says:

    Tom Sawyer, one of my favs from childhood Hitchy πŸ™‚ and I’m waiting to introduce him to Chirpy πŸ™‚

    Another ones were Noddy & Nancy Drew too πŸ™‚ I can still read them… in fact we have few Noddy books for C and I read them often πŸ™‚

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