you know he is reading his books when…

He mocks and asks you do you know what do they call a Porcupine’s lil ones??

I am like :-O :-/ huh…  Baby porcupines and he is like… No… Dad, you don’t even know this much its Porcupettes!!!! :-/ :-/


Porcupette-Stempu-ChesterZoo-with Keeper Chris Grindle.ashx

A porcupette :-/ I will concede one thing though… he is cute… 😐








I always wanted my son to read somehow initially there was resistance, maybe I was pushing him to read and hence he was kind of rejecting the idea, then once my brother got him an animal encyclopedia and we saw that he used to pursue that book a lot. Even when we would travel he would always include that book along with his few toys in his small back pack we always used to ask him to pack. We noticed it intrigued him there after I tried to get him Panchatantra and comic books that told stories through animals but that was not quite working. Another book he got from his school library was about amazing facts about this planet. Slowly but surely it dawned upon us that maybe he is a curious sort that wants to read things that tell him something he doesn’t know maybe fictional stories don’t just appeal to him too much atleast now. So began the purchase of such books and now he makes sure he reaches his bed at 8.45 so that he can read his book for atleast 15 mins before the lights go off. Yes 5 mins pleads go on for 2-3 rounds but it only makes me glad that he is wanting to stay awake to read. 🙂 🙂


Okay so now the other answers :


He than tells me that you can tell the sex of the crocodile egg by the temperature of the nest. His stats were if it is between 31 to 34 its a male alligator while lower than it is females. The fact I searched on net is this : If you are near the alligator nest, you can tell the sex of the alligators even before they are born. High temperatures of 90° to 93°F (32°to 34°C) during incubation will result in male alligators; while low temperatures of 82°to 86°F (28°to 30°C) will produce females. Strangely I do watch quite a bit of Nat Geo and Animal Planet but I missed out on this fact.


The tallest mountain of the world is Mauna Kea. It is almost double the size of Mount Everest. however more than half of it is under the surface of sea and hence Everest has the highest peak but it is not the tallest mountain. He told me its Mauna Kea its double than Everest ! I was like it cannot be and my wife told me don’t challenge your son. He’s probably read it somewhere ! 😐 😐


He then committed a cardinal sin and asked me something I knew  !!! 😛


The most poisonous animal on the planet and its a Jelly fish I exclaimed… you know that feeling when you go to write a paper of exam and you read the first 3-4 questions and you have no clue and then suddenly you see a question and you have the right answer, right there in your head !!!!! Same feeling I tell ya ! *phew* 😛


But after every high is a big fall sigh…. of all things… he asked me about a mammal in Africa, that too a cat and I didn’t know the answer… sigh… The gray white streaks of hair on a cheetah cub are to deter predator attacks as when the cub hides its face and curls in, it looks like a honey badger which almost all predators loathe and don’t attack.


I will also share a few other facts that he told me…


Sharks don’t care for their babies.


Tokay Gecko’s (yea there is such a breed too ! Sigh I didnt know) bend their claws backwards… so while we clench our fists inwards… they clench it in the opposite direction !!

Tokay Gecko

Tasmanian Devil has very strong teeth and can break bones in just one bite…. however, the strongest jaw belongs to the crocodile.
As much as sometimes I used to feel silly in front of him not knowing facts about animals & geography the two things that I love so much deep down I was feeling so so happy that he has taken to reading books finally. I guess it was about me finding out his interest and not just keep wishing and pushing him to read books. Problem is there are no good book shops in my town, most of the times its that over the counter shops. But from now on, we have realized that whenever we go to a bigger towns, we must let him lose in a crosswords or landmark and tell him to find his sort of books 🙂 😀
Image Courtesy : Chester Zoo

17 thoughts on “you know he is reading his books when…

  1. R's Mom says:

    Dear Junior Hitchy

    hai ma…I didnt even get one answer correct yesterday…you are a rock star bhai! and here I was thinking Voldemort is the most poisonous creature on earth 😦


    I am super time the man I married tries to show off about some fact on animals I dont know, I am going to send him to you and see if he can beat you with such superb general knowledge

    your dumb aunt


  2. Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

    Ohboy.. I knew it and I did say you can call me the dumbest. .

    But I got one thing right he he he and that was a fluke too.. don’t know how thot stuck in my mind..

    Rest of the answers I am positive I could not have answered by fluke even..

    He is the man.. as they say well done time the little one .

  3. Deeps says:

    Wow, I’m impressed Hriday! I’ll admit I didnt know answers to those questions!

    Its so wonderful to see kids of today taking to books so well! You must be one proud father today, Hitchy! God bless the young reader 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      he will be 9 in june…
      He is crazy about cricket, Mumbai Indians, animals, geography… like almost all kids he is curious… so all intriguing things keep him generally interested

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