sly me was


I loved watching her..

dressed in a breezy skirt..
a bag on her shoulder..
gliding over hearts..
walked she never..

a hint of a grin..
with the sun on her puppy eyes..
probably angry at her hair…
for kissing her cheeks…

shy and sparing was her smile..
opinions and thoughts were her own..
kept to herself she always did..
wonder what was inside..

I always did..

innocent was what everyone called her..
observing she was always..
ever a listener..
ever aware..

and yet…
I remained

the unnoticed admirer…


17 thoughts on “sly me was

  1. Rakesh Vanamali says:

    Awesome! You’ve done well to give shape to your poetic outpour, and very nicely lead the reader to conjure an image!


    Many thanks for your kind, supportive and warm comments on my blog. Truly appreciate it.

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