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  1. suranga date (@ugich) says:

    Flying in
    to address
    one more meeting,
    amidst those
    who will never fly
    as high as him,
    and that too for free,

    All those ducks,
    amidst some swans too,
    quacking away
    the loss of fish,
    and dirty water,
    and some older ducks
    pointing to him.

    He swoops low,
    checks his face
    in the water reflection,
    brushes aside
    some fish streaks
    on his beak,
    assumes a leader pose
    and arrives.

    It wont do
    for them to learn
    that he gets special fish
    from another lake,
    ruled by those
    who only fly high….

    • the ghost who eats says:

      not just new ponds… but all the bigger fish too I guess with long legs… it wades in the deeper water and reaches the bottom easily ! 😀

      The migratory birds around this time of the year are a joy 😀 😀 like your poetry 😀 D: 😀

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