was what you could call the master’s performance yesterday. I saw all of the 128 deliveries he faced, perhaps on one occassion the ball didn’t bounce as much as he expected, maybe one ball from Lyon he padded up that he shouldn’t have but apart from that, the master, it seemed, was on the top of his game. No discomfort, either pace or spin, pin point precision footwork, foot to the pitch of the ball, completely in position and not leaving any loose ball go unpunished. It was vintage Sachin, without trying to really dominate, it was a complete exhibition of wonderful batting. No, this is not a minefield of a pitch, yet! still the most heartening thing of the day was to watch him at the top of his game.

Yesterday only 71 runs were scored by him however more than the quantity the manner in which he got them told you what you had missed in the last year. 2012 was perhaps the worst phase of his career, hopefully its over. I don’t want to jinx him by predicting a century, but as long as you have a batsman batting with such aplomb, it would be unwise to not use him.

Sachin you play till you think you can play and till you think you can contribute. I on my part will just watch with goosebumps and gooseflesh like I used to watch you 23 years ago…. I still get nervous, like you do, I still get over excited like you do and I still darn love watching you as much as you love playing your favorite sport. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Impeccable

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    TOI today said “runs and Sachin were like 2 estranged lovers meeting after a long time. The poetry was back and so was the grace and elegance”… While I am not a big fan of cricket, may the super fans like you and hubby enjoy this grace and elegance, this style and charisma of the master blaster. And may he score a 100 today!

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