kai po che…

I have been dying to do a movie review of this film, I saw it three days back but just couldn’t get around to do it. I simply loved loved loved it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Completely and fully… I guess someone who lived in old Ahmedabad would probably connect and love it a lot more than me. But does it matter that I grew up in Bharuch around 200 kms from where this movie is based… I thought it reflects the last decade or so of life in Gujarat.

Abhishek Kapoor, man I love you, congratulations on a really well made movie !!!!

I mean, around 1999 I graduated and the frustrating 6 months or so after college, a simple b.com out on adda’s and listening things at home how to join that job or this job and all that… the starting of a business with a friend as a partner, a celebration trip to Daman or Diu, always!!! πŸ‘Ώ , the girls at garba, the reluctance to dance and then jealousy taking over, cricket which is the soul of life, kites, earthquakes, the terrible riots where beyond reason and rhyme all of us were plunged, lost we all did, the business going bust, revving it up again, the fights with friends, the slow and gradual getting lost in routine and work life…. sigh… I have done that all and yes… the movie captured that in essence… Loved it…

I guess you will see atleast 30 posts on my blog where I have mentioned the epic series of 2001, India v Australia… sigh…

I don’t know I loved the movie so much I cannot review it or anything… I would just ask you all to go watch it !!!!


One thing…. the cinematography in the movie is splendid… The essence of Gujarat has been captured so beautifully πŸ™‚ So many places in the movie are like a Photograph come alive… !

The movie poster of guys on a terrace probably exclaiming at life πŸ˜€

The joy of watching cricket with crowds, the turn up of amazing events, during the most memorable Test Match of our times at Eden Gardens in 2001…. It is so much a part of me… πŸ™‚

The guy trips… to Diu… Daman or Abu… always… the 3 swimming pools around the Dry State of Gujarat… if you know what I mean !!Β  :mrgreen:

Cricket which was such a passion for me growing up… I loved the relationship between this kid and his coach ! It was beautiful πŸ˜€ I myself didn’t make it beyond being a stand by in Gujarat Under 19 squad for Cooch Behar Trophy… no not politics.. I was not gifted enough and then similary the hero who didn’t make it see’s a young kid who is just absolutely superb… and how he chases his own dream in that kid’s career !!!!! I cannot explain how it feels to watch that ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It chokes me with emotion.. is all I can say !

The Navratri is so much an integral part of all the guys and girls that grow here… Trust me… I never used to dance.. NEVER… but always went to Garba’s…. and yet… in the year when I and my wife fell in love the two years I used to accompany her to dance… !!! how this movie showed the shy guy suddenly start dancing out of sheer jealousy of watching other’s dance with his girl !!!!! Geez… !

The kite’s !!! the Colours in the sky !!! No Gujju kid could grow up without flying kites !!!! πŸ˜€

The earth quake that shook all of the Amdavadi’s !

I didn’t want to add any picture related to Godhra Riots… but the scene where Omi goes to drop his Dad in Sabarmati Express and you want to stand up and stop him… You just know where it is all headed… Sigh… but in the end they didn’t preach anything… they just told what happened… without giving too many opinions and I sighed in relief….

I may be Biased… but still I will say you must watch the movie ! πŸ˜€


35 thoughts on “kai po che…

  1. Ashwathy says:

    LOL!! You say this is a movie review and then you write “I don’t know I loved the movie so much I cannot review it or anything… I would just ask you all to go watch it !!!!” πŸ˜†

    Just so like you to do that! πŸ˜›

    Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but going to do so next week… πŸ™‚

  2. Smita says:

    U already know my views on this πŸ™‚

    Vaise I feel that the inital scene where they are driving down in the car was shot somewhere in Maharashtra!!!

  3. suthewriter says:

    Wasn’t sure if I should or not, but your review surely does make me want to watch it! Perhaps I will, very soon.

  4. Nisha says:

    I didn’t quite like the first half. But the second half blew me away. Terrific movie. And no matter how much we hate Chetan Bhagat, he did churn out a good story. Kudos to him as well!

    • hitchy says:

      I guess not everyone will connect like we gujju’s do with this movie… but it was great to see a movie based here… we have seen so much of cinema about mumbai, delhi or calcutta rarely ahmedabad ! πŸ˜€

  5. onehonestwriter says:

    You made me relive the movie again. It’s a must watch in my opinion too. Beautifully made and like you said without preaching anything. They just shared a part of lives of three individuals. And the way songs are a part of background, that too impresses me.
    Abhishek Kapoor has done a splendid job second time in a row.

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