He joined the army soon and in the army he was one of the brightest, fastest and strongest cadets. He was marked very early for commando training and he always topped almost all challenges thrown to him. His physical capacities amazed a lot of his colleagues and superiors. He grew fast, his reputation faster. The military Brigadier’s earmarked him soon he was the pride of the Kumaon regiment. He unusually displayed a lot of expertise in climbing. He was sent for a special course in mountaineering and skiing to Gulmarg. His climbing skills and his abillty never numbed even in the most chilling cold weather. His decision making would be unwavering and his judgement would not be clouded admist adversities during training. Soon he was selected and recommended to join the Special Frontier Force (SFF).


Post the gruelling training of SFF he was recommended by the SFF Col. Mr Bindra to Brigadier Naresh Kumar popularly known in the Army as “Bull”


In 1983, Pakistani generals decided to stake claim of the Siachen Glacier by troop deployment. They placed an order for Arctic weather gear from a supplier in London, unaware however that the same supplier also provided outfits to the Indian army. The information was leaked and the Indians got the air of the Pakistani plans. Indians acted fast and mounted their own operations. Aided by the recently returned team from Antartica, the army ordered 300 suits of the arctic gear and operation ‘Meghdoot’ was launched with the Bull at the helm of affairs. Whilst Pakistan’s plan was to capture the glacier by April 17th, the Indian army launched its operation in march and captured 3 posts by April the 13th.


However in 1986, Pakistan’s Brigadier at that time Pervez Musharraf launched an assault in response and managed to initially capture a post that the Pakistani’s named ‘Quaid’ which was at 6500meters which was the highest point in the Siachen mastiff. It was a very strategic post at it gave a clear view of the other two Indian posts and the Pakistani’s could easily snipe at the Indian’s from that post. It was virtually an impregnable fortress with ice walls, 457 meter high, on both sides.


Naib Dara Singh of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry led the charge, two missions earlier had been aborted, once due to some trouble with the rope in the night and another due to a communication failure. Eventually Dara Singh made a daring suggestion of climbing in the day time, there was heavy snow fall forecast that day and Capt Vikram and Dara Singh managed to convince the Task Force Commanger Bull to give them the green light to carry out this dangerous mission.

Naib Dara Singh led 160 other members including Vikram and they climbed the 457 meters crawling from trench to trench lobbing hand grenades and eventually charged with a bayonet.


Dara Singh deservedly was awarded the Param Vir Chakra the highest Gallantry award in India. Today the post they won is known as Dara Post which is the highest battle field in the world.


In his memoirs, former Pakistani president General Pervez Musharraf states that Pakistan lost almost 900 square miles (2,300 km2) of territory that it claimed.[19] TIME states that the Indian advance captured nearly 1,000 square miles (2,600 km2) of territory claimed by Pakistan.[20]


The sour Musharraf returned… in 1999 in Kargil…


6 thoughts on “excerpts…

  1. techie2mom says:

    Wow!!! And to think about it, we don’t know much about this hero!!! Thanks for bringing this story to us….
    You reminded me of my Safari reading days….Thanks 🙂

  2. vishalbheeroo says:

    It’s time for India to recognize its HOW (Heroes of War). Beautifully written and you make it appear as if we are witness to the period in India’s history. It is sending chill down my spine. Such kind of heroic feat make me Proud To Be Indian.
    Jai Hind

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kya karte ho yaar. Uska naam Dara Singh nahi tha. Sub Maj (not naik) Bana Singh is still alive and the post is named after him.

    • hitchy says:

      I do know that. This is trying to create a character who was present during that war with Bana Singh..
      Didn’t want to use the real names right now..
      These are only excerpts… the original story is still in the making…

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