Straight hair and me ?! well well…

I don’t know how and why I did it but I registered for the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo contest on Indiblogger… and well… I got the free sample… a tad late but eventually !!

Now this is strange for me to actually do this post as I have ramrod straight hair… infact I won a phone on Indiblogger writing about my beautiful hair story !!!! 😛 😛 😛


Well actually they need to take out a curly hair shampoo for me to actually do a product review… but hey… guess what !!! My wife… well she has perfectly unmanageable hair that are curly to the T !! So well… she was smiling looking at me receiving the free sample and kinda distraught at how would I do a post now that I have the sample and I have just simple straight hair… but well… then not for nothing do we marry eh !!!

Eventually the wife with curly hair kaam aayi !! 😀 😀 She was my goose, although, let me say that she told me straight away that I don’t need to use the new shampoo and that she will consume it ! So I was like I can’t let you use that as this shampoo has been sent by Indiblogger to intellectual bloggers around India as they Sunsilk wanted an honest review of their product on our blogs. We blog junta are the new trendsetters and its our reviews that will influence the sale and development of products !!!! :mrgreen:

Anyways I had to give it to her as she is the one who still cooks in the house you know !!! and well she had this to say about the product and I quote :


I have very much of an unruly set of hair sitting on my head although my lattoo husband thinks it is Madhuri Dixit lookalike and kinda likes it… but well, I have always had a lot of problems managing it and I so many times have wondered when will I get the guts of a Persis Khambatta and shave my head off… but alas… no one is offering me a role as Lieutenant Ilia apparently almost all have even forgotten Star Wars 😥 the program I grew up watching…

Anyways, lest I digress, its better I review this product for my self proclaimed intellectual blogger husband.

Off late the straight hair is hugely popular with most girls !! Earlier I used to desist so many people becoming stereotypical and yet the woman in me wanted to give it a go once to see how would I look…

So finally I got the purple bottle and opened it to a wonderfully fruity, bubblegum kinda smell that was fresh and nice ! The shampoo created a smooth lather and a reasonable amount of shampoo was able to thoroughly clean my hair. The conditioner I applied as mentioned on the pack and hoped that once dry for a change my hair will be straight !

I guess it was not to create miracles in first wash but hey ! my hair atleast the bottom halves of it looked like a lot straighter than usual, the hair seemed silky smooth for a bit of it before they again got into curls… but trust me when I say that my hair are the worst challenge for this shampoo !!

Honestly I think this product would probably be better for people with slightly better mop of hair than just me… but it still did have kind of a straightening effect.. Whilst I loved the fact that my hair simply feel more silkier and straighter than earlier, they are still not straight… but now have a kind of a wavy feel. I guess I will use this shampoo a few more times to see more of an effect, so far just two washes and the result seems kinda ok !

The best part of this method of hair straightening is that its just a wash and hence a life saver for lazy souls like me ! Another good thing I guess is the price which is just Rs. 56/- for an 80 ml pack & conditioner Rs. 56/- for a 90 ml pack.

Rating: 3/5

This post is a product review for the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner pack I received from my intellectual Blogger husband who received it from  Indiblogger as part of the contest powered by Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair initiative. 😉

5 thoughts on “Straight hair and me ?! well well…

  1. OHW says:

    Great way to still do a honest review, rather than creating a story 🙂 ( I m assuming what ur wife said is her words ;))
    But a lot f people are giving positive feedback, so I guess it’s worth a try.

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