A gaffe…

I had volunteered for Sunsilk Straight hair shampoo… and did a post last week before I went off for a holiday. I during making that post copied one pic of the sunsilk shampoo from Era’s blog, without thinking or realizing that the pic of the shampoo and conditioner was clicked by her. I was too lazy to click a pic of my own and didn’t even realize I was lifting content from someone else’s site.


I am terribly terribly sorry for the trouble and for behaving so clumsily and irresponsibly. 😥

12 thoughts on “A gaffe…

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    You will not believe this, I was thinking of writing a mail to you to ask your permission to use the same pic… was too lazy to click and Google Images didnt have sharp pics! 😛

  2. OHW says:

    No impressions are created, u opnenl admitted n posted instead of exchanging personal emails, that’s being responsible enough 🙂

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