Justice, the word means a joke in my country…

Nope this is not a cricket post, but must share this pictures I came across on FB that has got me thinking over the last few days.


The last few days have been depressing to say the least. Double Standard in our country has perhaps existed for ages no..?

Justice in our country over its entire history has really been a joke, its been the kept of the wealthy, influential and powerful.

Now, not for one moment do you try to implicate that I am trying to save Sreesanth. His crime, if he has done it, deserves the punishment he got and perhaps more. However, Sreesanth is not the topic of discussion today, justice and its history in my country are, I sometimes wonder how we Indians perceive justice or how have we been conditioned by our history over the years…

We have had robbers turning saints and churning out Ramayana’s, we have had Kings ordering Agni Pariksha and wives attempting it!! No one tried her for attempting suicide nor did anyone admonish the king for a ridiculous demand. We infact revere them for it.

Today, in our national flag sits one Ashok Chakra.’Ashoka The Great’ as history and scholars have revered him and always introduced him to us. Quite interesting to note is the fact that Ashoka had a terrible temper in his young days, as an emperor he is said to have had a harem of some 500 women. Once when he heard some of them making fun of his skin colour he burnt all those women alive. He even built a veritable hell on earth to torture people, even today people visit that place. This is the same Ashoka who needed the butchering of over 3 lac people in the Kalinga war to realise remorse.

After committing a lot of sins, he changed, he got a chance to transform himself and eventually today after every good that he did, the word of which was so widespread, that today he is known as “Ashoka the Great”

Doesn’t that tell you something about the definition of Great in our country, in our history?

I couldn’t help but slam my head in one argument when one Salman Khan fan argued with me that its ok, Salman over ran his car over one man, killing him and injured 4 others, but now, has started Being Human, a NGO to do good and perhaps he has realised he made a mistake and that now he is making up. She even reasoned that unlike the ugly politicians who never paid for their mistakes he is atleast making an effort.

No it was not the fault of my friend, you know, I guess we are conditioned to this, we believe its human to falter and its ok to forgive no matter how grave the crime is.

I seriously also wonder, if Ajmal Kasab would have gotten an opportunity to make a plea that he regrets the attacks of 26/11 and that now as he has realised remorse, would like to dedicate the rest of his life cleaning sewage and plastic from India for the rest of his life. Who know’s maybe after some decades even he would have been known as the great cleaner of India.

I know you might think this is a ridiculous post and you may label me that too… but that is what the state of my mind is now actually. Utterly ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “Justice, the word means a joke in my country…

  1. Ashwathy says:

    What never fails to surprise me is the Human Rights Commission that jumps in and decides to fight for the terrorists and criminals. Where do these come from anyway? Don’t they have nothing better to do? Seriously!

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