What a Fan Expects from his cricketers

I am a cricket fan, I am an Indian cricket fan and guys, understand one thing, I expect players playing for India to score runs for India, take wickets for India and field well for India. I want them to give their 100% there and try their damn hardest to win matches for India. That is what is my expectation from them.

I do not expect them to speak out or explain why a colleague went the wrong way, why their board’s president’s son in law was betting, or to appease you folk and give you more headlines.

If you really are after the truth, then, investigate, find out the truth and bring it out in the open, don’t expect others to do your job.

What a player might feel of the current situation is his own view and he is well within his rights to air them or keep quiet. Stop blackmailing the players by quoting headlines that the fan’s deserve to know what is going on in their minds. We fans only want them to focus and play well for India. That is solely my expectation from them.

Let them play, there is an important tournament to be won.


8 thoughts on “What a Fan Expects from his cricketers

  1. Rekha says:

    And the likes of the recent cricketers who turned celebrities overnight with not much effort from their part, understand everything other than what their fans, or rather the country expects of them.

    • hitchy says:

      its unfair to say they became over night celebrities without much effort… ask a failed cricketer how much effort it takes…

      They play to win… try to win… there also is another team that plays to win… so it works sometimes, doesn’t sometimes…

      People expect them to behave ideally outside the field too which is not always possible… and there are crows everywhere… so if one bad crow doesn’t mean all are bad crows … thats what I believe

    • hitchy says:

      I seriously feel the Media is becoming a judge these days and it ambushes one and everyone a few days back they were complaining that fans deserve a word from dhoni… they had a problem why is gavaskar not speaking…
      yesterday they decided there is a rift between advani and modi… and they hold debates… as if they can read the minds of modi and advani
      they just presume things and start a debate… they are far from reporting facts

      they are more interested in presuming, and pressurising people into making statements and then creating situations
      seriously I can’t stand it and cant even run from it

    • hitchy says:

      Don’t lose hope… there are idiots in all fields in life… so if there is one Sreesanth there is one Kohli… there was Dravid and Anil and there will be more Tendulkars as well…

      don’t let people sabotage your hope

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