Why I write..

That is such a difficult thing to explain actually. Why do we always need to have reasons? I hated the reasons in Science even in school and here I have to give a reason for what some might consider art, that is if my random ramble qualifies for literature, and yet I must try to reply to this question as I want to kick start my writing back to life again. Actually I have been away from this beleaguered blog of mine for a while, the writing has gone away, maybe I put in pictures and a few captions on this blog but my ability to randomly ramble and put my thoughts into words was on a hiatus, perhaps still is, we will only get to know if its back or not once we put this typing exercise into post and actually publish it, beyond this word file. DSC_0105

Coming to seriously think of it, I have always had a lot of thoughts which never quite got converted into speech, perhaps when talking to someone or debating or simply conversing or explaining myself I am not able to actually convey the real essence of what I want to say. Perhaps I have always felt that I was able to formulate and shape my thoughts better once I wrote, you might say that is obvious as we can always delete what we type… but can’t take back what we once uttered. Also so many views on so many random things that I didn’t know who to share with. I did try to write a diary a few times, but always was scared someone might read my thoughts. As I grew up I guess I did understand that thoughts were thoughts and that was it and it became clear to me as I began writing that it helped me get a perspective. However, it was all random and I really do not have a record of things. Many times I used to write in a letter pad and then tear off the letter.

Eventually one friend, one fine day introduced me to the world of blogging. Tentatively I began writing about my first love, cricket, I have a view there almost all the time and I love the sport so much and get so emotionally attached you would not believe if I ever told you. As I got more familiar to the blogging scene and started reading other people I started to actually believe that so many thoughts I had so many times and was so shy or scared to share were actually okay. Others had such thoughts too and seriously the fact that I was able to read what was in the minds of so many other people triggered a lot of freedom than I had earlier thought I would have on my blog.

So what started as a cricket blog became a place where I shared my personal things, thoughts, memories and views and then as people started visiting I loved the fact that there was interaction. I will admit that I loved blogging and being on my blog the most when the interaction was at its peak. I many times used to feel my comment section was more interesting than the post in itself. It told me about how much warmth there was in the blogging world. But like all good things, even that stopped and so my writing also became err.. lets say less regular.

At most times I prefer to write only when some thought comes to my mind. I do not write for the sake of writing, I didn’t think it was great, but, over time I think I was wrong, the more I bring myself to a keyboard or a scribble pad the more likely I was to acknowledge so many thoughts of mine that just go away. Opening a word document and just staring in it all of a sudden the thoughts start to pour in and there are so many things I actually want to write.

I guess by now you would have realised Why I write?
I don’t have any reason really.. Most of the time I write nothing actually, even that nothing though, has to be written.

Written in response to a prompt that I read about on Corinne’s blog : The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop # 80

Yea well I wrote it on a friday but how does that matter eh, discipline is just not my cup of tea. I would also take this opportunity to thank Corinne as this post actually is about to be published. I think she is a wonderful motivator and has got me back to writing 😀


33 thoughts on “Why I write..

  1. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Hitchy, I’m so glad you wrote this. I think we often forget why we took up to writing in the first place and blogging takes on a life of its own. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of your writing! 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      I guess we are bloggers more than writers as Shilpa and Suzy and others pointed out… nevertheless… I think I need to just stare an empty page for a while everyday and I think half the job is done 🙂

      Lets hope this kick starts the writing/blogging thing back again

  2. thandapani says:

    Great to read this.

    As I read the views of people who have written for this initiative, I keep nodding and saying, “Oh Wow, these are my reasons for writing too.”

    We are individuals, but on some level, we are all the same. 🙂 All of us wanting to say something, wanting to be heard.

  3. Sandhya Kumar says:

    I am happy to know that you are planning to re-start writing posts. You were good and we had lot of friends for encouraging. I see most of them have stopped writing…facebook infatuation?! Good to read this post.

    I too never thought that I would write so much about my personal life. Now, i know that it is OK if others know about our lives…no big deal is the right word I think!

    Keep writing!

  4. Smitha says:

    Why do I we need reasons why we write:) I agree it just happens, doesn’t it. Although I should say blog rather than write:) Loved this, Hitchy!

  5. PNA says:

    why have reasons, just right.. on the other hand, yes there are ups and downs, in writing we may call them blocks and unblocks.. or some such thing… and the blog world, is a beautiful place with some lovely folks…heres to us, and our writing Htichy Bhai 😛 oooops Hitchy …

  6. Deeps says:

    “I have always had a lot of thoughts which never quite got converted into speech, perhaps when talking to someone or debating or simply conversing or explaining myself I am not able to actually convey the real essence of what I want to say. Perhaps I have always felt that I was able to formulate and shape my thoughts better once I wrote,…” I am so like you here Hitchy! I have mentioned the very thing as one of my reasons to write too 🙂

    No particular reason to write and yet you write! Thats a fair reason to write! 🙂

    Keep writing the way you do!

  7. Suzy says:

    So true – we don’t need any real reasons to write / blog – we just do. You are so right, the blogging community is just so awesome. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading.

  8. subzeroricha says:

    A writer’s block the plague that hints at wiping away out sanity. We all have been there. But trust be like the calm before the storm this one too is followed by insane amount of writing. Can assure you from my own experience. And as they say you can be a former anything, but never really a former writer. Somewhere read you left that book in between dont do that- finish it, if possible start over! All the best 🙂


  9. phoenixritu says:

    What a rambling post this was, and a sweet one. Brought a smile to my face. Yes the comment section is so happening – the rewards of blogging.

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