Do not miss the point..

Admist all the hullabaloo that the media has created and all ruckus the BCCI is creating, please remember one thing, that only 3 cricketers were involved. They are jailed, banned from the sport.

The police had tapped phones of the bookies for 2 months and come up with this, the whole game is not corrupt nor are all players corrupt. Infact more and more people are being caught for betting, not fixing… they are two different things.

Agreed, in the mad splurge of money, the BCCI has compromised the code of conduct somewhere and this will be a serious wake up call to clean up things and set strict rules for club owners.While Sreesanth, Ankeet and Ajit’s cricket career’s are over the sport will survive for there are players who play the sport for the sheer joy of it and for the pride of representing their respective countries.

There are idiots and criminal minds everywhere, humans are like that, to conclude that all of the sport is an eye wash is the loss of the fan.

How I wish to retort to all those who doubt the game and players so much to just get busy with other things in life.

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