Shruti’s buzzing in my head!

This friday I saw the movie D-day, didn’t know much about the movie, but just went for the sake that Irrfan was in the movie. The movie was kinda okayish, the script is wishful fantasy of Indian’s, a tad lose but okay, however Rishi Kapoor was superb, so was Irrfan, Arjun Rampal does what he normally does, but the surprise package was Shruti Hassan and above all her singing skills. I didn’t know she was a playback singer too. I had not heard any songs of the movie before the movie, however, the moment this song “Alvida” played I remarked to my wife, this seems like a pretty nice song. Now after 3 days this song has not stopped playing in the loop in my pc. Shruti’s voice is enchanting in this song… The lyrics are pretty super too and Loy and Sukhvinder have added a wonderful touch to the song. Nikhil is absolutely wonderful as well in this song.


Here is a small preview of the song. I suggest you get the full version 😀



14 thoughts on “Shruti’s buzzing in my head!

  1. Santulan says:

    want to go for this movie too.. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.. Inox and Fame have special rates..

    She is a trained singer, and has been singing for some time now.. I think she is even considering an album..

    umm.. how was Huma Qureshi?

    • hitchy says:

      She doesn’t have much to do… but does what comes her way with pretty aplomb… all in all good performances but the script was kinda okayish at best

  2. Ashwathy says:

    Shruti has sung before in Tamil movies. She has a fantastic voice. In fact she is a far better singer than she is an actor. I have sometimes wondered why she came to act. Her singing career in itself would take her places!

  3. Susan Deborah says:

    I hope the buzzing has stopped and that you are at rest otherwise the Hassan girl can be quite deadly that way.

    Glad to see homegrown Shruti blossoming. We love the Hassans.

    Glad to have stopped by. My first time here thanks to Ash.

    Joy always,

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