Change – the need of the hour

Sometimes its just incomprehensible the amount of apathy this nation of mine evokes. I try to tell myself to not read the papers and not watch the news and get lost in a bubble of mine own, considering all is hunky dory, be an escapist. However, its just not possible and you always find yourself either appalled at some unbelievably hopeless comment or mindset or some news that shakes you or the complete and utter sense of disregard for our nation of our political leaders has you arguing and in the end bringing distress to your own self.

Another Gang rape happened yesterday, however, I am not going to argue why it is happening or why not, however, whilst watching several debates on several channels where the media asks almost all political representatives whether they would stop fielding candidates who have allegation of sexual harassment against women, almost all will skip the question. I was wondering if someone in this world would have the balls to say that yes, we will stop and that charity begins at home. We will stop fielding criminals and atleast set an example that such people have no business in trying to govern people. At the end whilst switching channels I noticed Jaya Bachchan on NDTV expressing her anger and hurt that she felt for another victim of a gang rape. I remember her breaking on national tv in the Rajya Sabha during the Delhi Gang Rape episode, however, when she was asked the same question whether she would go against her party line and oppose the inclusion of MP’s or MLA’s who have criminal charges of Rape against them and you just need to see her reply in this video. You can jump to that question which is thrown at 22.30 minutes in the video if you don’t want to see the whole video.

Video :

She requests the media to not let the heat down, however, as a leader, a member of the Rajya Sabha she won’t take the brunt on her own shoulders but express helplessness, when further probed if she would oppose and if need be go against her party line even about not including MLA’s or MP’s who have rape charges against them and Jaya say’s, I will go against any one who has harmed a woman, however, I don’t want to get into a broader discussion on this and the same evasion takes place. A person, who says she is deeply distressed by the fact that Gang Rape happened and yet will not do what she logically should be doing. Forget doing, even replying earnestly. When we allow Rapists to be in Parliament, when we let Rapists be Godmen in our country, don’t you feel disgusted living here?

Rapes are committed by the dirt in a mind, however, a just society will punish the possessor’s of such dirty minds, prevent setting a precedent. A 15 year old files a police complaint that Asaram Bapu has raped her and yet after 3 days he is still free. No one is making an arrest, he might cost hindu votes is the logic people discuss. He is not even being discussed in the media, why you wonder? Because he didn’t commit a Gangrape but coz he raped alone? Coz he didn’t commit the crime in a Metro town? No one is bothered is it…?? this again I discuss perhaps because, he is a someone whose posters I see on the street everyday?? Wonder what happens in all those rape cases where the victim is a poor peasant and the rapist is also not a big figure. Seriously what sort of place are we living in.

I am told that rapes are going on from the stone age, happens in all countries, in all cultures, but frankly and I seriously wonder if the response to this crime elsewhere is the same as in our country today.

Day after day, I hear people telling me why is 2002 brought out whenever Modi is discussed, why is 1984 not discussed. Sometimes I wonder that because the people in 1984 got away without being charged is a logic Modi must get away in 2002. Yes he may not be proven guilty, but, everyone who lives in my state knows what happened and its pretty brazenly defending what happened as just a reaction to an incident and are all conveniently happy to forget that the guard stood muted where as he should have been shouting help help when the thieves were doing their business. 1984 was a national tragedy after which the party which actually was guilty came to power because democracy works on majority and hence in Gujarat Modi comes as the CM in two terms there after. Tells you more about us than about Rajiv Gandhi or Narendra Modi really… its we who elect them, don’t we?

When our borders are breached and the sanctity of our nation is tarnished, yet, we unaffected carry on brushing off the traits of our neighbours as a usual thing, for we have been used to giving away territory since our very independence.

In many ways perhaps the fact that a large population of this country is able to earn and live freely without being affected too much is one reason, however, if these things are not nipped in the bud and a precedent is set this will keep spreading.

I am once again reminded of that poem I read on Ritu’s blog a while back and it applies to us all the more now than ever…

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

I worry for the precedent that is being set in our country and the amount of thick skin our people are developing. Its us who are as much to blame as our politicians. How indifferent are we becoming….

Perhaps the only real alternative that the people have are the one’s living in Delhi and Karnataka, where atleast they have one party whose ideology seems something that is correct. I don’t know if Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) will win, if they win deliver, but frankly that is the only ray of hope that I see in this seeming darkness that is spreading all around me. We have to give them a chance above the other existing lot. It is time we the people stand up and actually tell the existing class of politicians that we will not tolerate this any more, they win for we have no alternative, and when given with an alternative we will go for change. I have donated to the Aam Aadmi Party for they require funds and I hope to campaign for them as much as I can on the social media front for them and try to spread the word. I seriously hope AAP win’s where they contest for that will be the people’s message to the current set of politicians that we have seriously had ENOUGH.


18 thoughts on “Change – the need of the hour

    • Buqavaganza says:

      Good luck with AAP.. if their electoral prospects improve, sycophants and aya-ram-gaya-rams will make their way into the party… right now, they are a long shot

      • hitchy says:

        Yes they are a long shot… It might take them another 10-15 years… but somewhere we have to deliver the message to the existing parties that they win for we have no honest option… but when we get what we perceive an honest option… we shall go for them…

        Whether AAP will deliver or perform is completely a matter only time can tell…

  1. Smitha says:

    I agree with every word you say. The whole apathy is shocking. Every word uttered in the media is just that, empty words that mean nothing, just so that they can pretend to be concerned and be happy with that.

    As for Asaram, I don’t even want to call someone like him Bapu, surely, Hindus should have better sense! If he is a criminal, he needs to be convicted. I believe some politicians have been accusing it to be a congress conspiracy. They know that without any investigation, I suppose.

    I hope that Aam Aadmi party wins too. It is the only ray if hope we have at the moment…

  2. Proactive Indian says:

    Thanks for sharing the video, more so for the 22.30 prompt, which saved having to listen to long, insincere lectures! It’s eye-opening to see how the eloquent Jaya Bachchan becomes tongue-tied after being asked the question!

    AAP are good people and should make inroads into our legislatures. However, I think it’s simplistic to expect things to change by voting AAP in. Let us accept that WE, the people of India, need to change.

    • Paapi says:

      Can you guarantee that a vote for AAP will not end up helping Kaangress? I would rather see Mayawati or Yedyurappa become PM than UPA-3.

      • hitchy says:

        I can’t or no one can guarantee AAP voting will not end the congress… but atleast as of now they seem to be a party from which we can hope something better than the current lot and we won’t know how good or bad they are unless they are given a chance… we can’t expect them to win the entire nation in one go… it will take a lot of patience… once they get entry into active politics its only then can they look at forming a larger party and contesting all over the country…

  3. Sandhya Kumar says:

    I too think AAP is he only solution.

    I have seen Asaram while changing channels. I never like these sanyasis. I was watching Ramdev just for his yoga. But he has also fallen down in our views. I wonder how people go after these sanyasis even after hearing so many stories.

  4. vishalbheeroo says:

    It is completely beyond logic what is happening and what hurts is we haven’t learned our lesson after Nirbhaya rape case. I saw Jaya ma’am interview and I get so angry how rape taking place. The government has lost it and right now I am so angry the kind of signal we are sending..17 year old rapist of Nirbhyaya is being confined to juvenile cell and message is ok u 17 and ur allowed to rape. That’s what exactly happened in the Mumbai gang rape.

  5. Jay Gurjar says:

    i aplogize for my language mistakes as i m not good at english as Dhiren know.
    Run away from any problem is not at all solution but ultimately ready to face the problem whn it become deadly.
    Keep your Anger within you, let it become volcano that erupts for those who already Jumped in this muddy system to TRAP this cunning political Pigs for our better future.
    Before AAP we are alwayse use our precious energy to Discuss and think that which Rascal is less cunning, on every national issues like this…….but now onwards all be very clear Spend your Time, Energy and Money only for HOPE/Light(AAP) not at all for HOPLESS/Dark politics, political parties and politicians.
    Time shows that this country’s voter is Mature or FooL(y) selfish.
    We have great opportunity to bring Revolution by Democratic system. But if unfortunately we throw this chance thn remember our coming generation will bring the Revolution by their blood.
    So from now just be UNITED to Support-Spread-Share-Donate for AAP(Aam Admi Party)
    GOD Bless India(ns)
    – Jay HIND

  6. Vidya Sury says:

    I don’t know how far it will go. It seems like one incident in the spotlight, that should have brought about a change for the better has only made things worse. My heart beats with you, Dhiren.

  7. Ashwathy says:

    That Asaram jerk was the same one who said that the girl should have pleaded with rapists and called them brothers and asked them to let her go?? So what happened in his case… the girl whom he molested did not call her bhaiyya or what? Gawd!! Heights!!
    yeah I was really wondering why his case is not being followed up.

    What happened to the Nirbhaya case? Has justice been delivered? Now it’s been forgotten it seems.

    People are drawing into a bubble. As long as its not happening to them directly, it’s ok. They turn a blind eye or look away. It’s pathetic really 😐

  8. shail says:

    I feel totally disheartened as of today. If you ask me, I am happy when people say they are not going to have children. Why? What sort of world are you bringing them into anyway?! 😦

  9. HamActor says:

    I disagree AAP is the alternative. Honesty doesn’t automatically translate in to good governance and development. We are yet to know what is AAP’s policies on different important matters like Caste, Religion, Reservation on education, reservation on private firms, Privatization of public firms and services, Natural resources, Regulatory framework for different institutions, foreign policy matters etc. We get to hear their rhetoric only on corruption, CBI and Lokpal.

  10. Usha Pisharody says:

    At this point in time, Practically no Politician worth the title is really upto it. But then a majority of those who put them there are paying the price for it. Sad and disheartening. Will there ever be some hope. The AAP does give hope.
    Each time I think of young children who will go out into an India of today, I feel scared. I do. But then again, though hope is fragile, and fast disappearing, what little I have lies in the fact that, idealistically speaking of course, the little ones, the slightly older ones, and the ones on the brink of it all, the youth, they will vote a difference. They must.

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