Street Food – Katka Bread

As far as I am concerned travel also means food, food of various different types, places, cultures, ethnicity. Where ever I travel I always insist on trying the local dishes and one of the best and more authentic ways of having it is indulging in street food of the place.

As a kid who spend four years of his life in Jamnagar, I remember ‘Bee Bread’ (meaning Peanut-Bread) as we used to call it back then about 20 years back. Bread Soaked in Imli(tamarind) Chutney and garnished by boiled potato, masala peanuts, pomegranate, chutney’s and coriander and let me tell you we used to love it. We used to make it at Bharuch too initially when we shifted here. Somehow over the years that dish was forgotten, so now that I went to Kutch, I was intrigued by boards of Katka Bread, for a day I could not get a chance to check out what it was, but eventually I gave in and ordered a Katka Bread at Anjar.

This variant had slightly different preparation..

Here the bread was dipped in Tamarind Chutney, but the potato had changed from the boiled one to boiled and rolled in masala, the chana had replaced the peanuts here atleast and no pomegranate to be found, no onions either I think that should be due to the current price. I guess it still might be a little different in Jamnagar than Kutch.

I ordered for it to be made spicy without hesitation considering the fact that I am oversmart. As it turned out it was delicious and I was ready to blow fire!!!!! Spicy it really was!!! 😛 Guess the fellow didn’t like that I intervened in his making and made sure I suffered asking for a spicy version! 😀

The potatoes before being smashed looked like this :


The dish after being handed over looked like this…


Let me assure you that you don’t need the spicy version, the normal version is pretty spicy as well, I had two dishes and it was quite wonderful also at just Rs. 15 per plate my lunch was done in just Rs. 30!

So now when you visit Saurashtra or Kutch you know what to eat to get your taste buds tickled! This is the fellow who made it for me…



11 thoughts on “Street Food – Katka Bread

  1. Proactive Indian says:

    Must remember this during any future visit to Saurashtra/Kutch.

    Like you, I always insist on trying the local dishes wherever I travel. It can be quite an adventure in certain places, but I go by the logic that, if the locals eat it, it must be edible.

  2. Santulan says:

    This is quite different from the katka brad/paav I have eaten.. The one I had was paav broken up and mixed with paav bhaji ki bhaaji.

    This looks yum, especially with the jhini sev 🙂

  3. sangeeta khanna says:

    Can’t imagine how a bread would taste when soaked in tamarind. But this food proves how innovative we are with our food 🙂 more so the street vendors, they whip up yummy stuff with with such frugal ingredients. Lovely.

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