121. Water in the middle of a desert…

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Driving about in the White Rann(desert) of Kutch we came across this water hole and amidst all the brown sand that is fast losing moisture to become white this blue stream of water looks a wonderful contrast… because there are few living things about the surroundings of this water body are absolutely clean.

The White Rann of Kutch is an interesting part of nature. This desert does not have any sand dunes and is almost absolutely flat, it gets a lot of rain during monsoons and is inaccessible by vehicle and even risky by foot during and just after monsoon.Even when we set out to see this, we were told not to leave the tracks and not drive haywire as it has not completely dried as yet and your car might get stuck. Eventually as the sun shines by december the water from the sand is evaporated and the whole…

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