Western tip of India…

Like Kanyakumari is the southern most tip of India, I reckon Koteshwar Mahadev in Kutch is the Western most accessible point for citizens in India. Only the BSF can venture further in the creek that goes to Sir Creek via the ‘Harami Naka’.

The name ‘Harami Naka’ has been christened to one such point in the creek from where maximum infiltration takes place and hence the Naka is Harami! 😛

Aptly one piece of construction here is the sun, perhaps signifying the setting sun in the West, interestingly for tourists it is a place to stand and pose with.


There is a nice temple complex constructed here, whilst the temple premises are clean, outside the temple premises a market has set up on its own and sadly is creating a lot of litter, I hope it is check upon soon. This was a nice place to sit and enjoy the breeze, whilst we reached there at around 1 in the noon, it was sunny but pleasant, in the shade it was ideal to sit. There were quite a few birds around also but the wet lands ensure that they are quite far from our reach.

Here is a picture of the temple there which is located at a nice vantage point overlooking the sea.



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