of windows, elevators and palaces..


Until a while back I used to loathe visiting old palaces, sometimes they are not well kept plus they used to somehow give me a pretty sad feeling as I could only see the glory days gone and the ruins that remained. However, off late, the palaces of Udaipur and the way they were maintained and well kept and guides telling interesting tales have made me change my view and I actually look forward to visiting palaces and view how the people in the past lived, the architecture now keeps me intrigued and the way how people in those times went about for their comforts has been taking more prominence in my mind. The way the Royalties treated themselves is seriously worth envying I tell ya!

Here are a few pictures of the Vijay Vilas Palace of Mandvi in Kutch. Amazingly this palace is in the middle of immense greenery considering the popular perception we have in our minds for Kutch!



The window’s of the palace were artistic and looked so inviting to stand at them and just look out at the green expanses outside. The palace at 12 in the afternoon was quite pleasant and I think that can be attributed to the way the palaces in those times used to be built. Wonder if the engineering and architecture has actually progressed or gone down now that we cannot keep our houses cool without AC’s!



The Sitting room or the verandah sit-out’s of this palace.



They had an Elevator in that era! Imagine!! I surely was fascinated!


I am sure this last image probably springs to your mind immediately, most of you would have seen this palace in the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam by SLB.

When in Mandvi this palace is a place to visit, small and neatly kept, it is thronged by tourists. Alongside they have a private beach resort which is said to be quite good, however, when we reached it was full and they were not serving lunch to outsiders and hence I could not access it. They say it has a very pretty beach and its a very nice place to relax!

The Palace might also remind you of the movie Lagaan!



9 thoughts on “of windows, elevators and palaces..

  1. Smita says:

    I was about to ask if any movie has been shot here and u said it 😀 but but HDDCS waala palace if I remember was devastated in the earthquake…kya pata…

    But yes the images…u have clicked them so well re 🙂

  2. techie2mom says:

    Wow!! You have clicked some amazing picture!!
    I too had similar feeling about visiting old palaces til i visited the Mysore palace… That palace really is grand and as you said, it felt very pleasant inside…
    So they have a beach resort there, eh?! i am so tempted to go there….

    • hitchy says:

      Check out the images of that beach resort on google you will love it!

      The incentive or the drawback as you might want to call it, thanks to Gujarat being a dry state you will not have any nonsense that accompanies people who drink sometimes

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