God and his creator! :P


Whenever you go to Kutch you cannot miss the hundred’s of Jain temples, built mostly by the community’s business folk who have spread far and across through the country. There are just way too many beautifully made ‘Derasar’s’ (jain temple’s) in the most unlikely and small villages. It was a shock to see wonderfully made temple’s and dharamshala’s with all modern amenities in villages that did not even have a pakka road. Apart from providing lodging and boarding to tourists and pilgrims they also boast of some wonderful craftsmanship as you can see above.


Generally most of the artisan’s who make these beautiful carvings in Gujarat and in return earn a living are from Rajasthan, perhaps, carving marble is a speciality of their’s. This time though on our way to Nakhatrana we stopped at a Derasar in Deshalpar which was on the highway I found out some carver’s at work and managed to speak to a couple of them.

The hard working folks had carved quite a few things that were quite pretty!

Kutch day 31

Amazingly, these fellow’s have been working in Kutch for the past 7 years and they are from Orissa of all places!! They have constructed quite a few temples and have orders for another year. They also told me there were many teams from Orissa who were working here. In many way this brings smiles on my face as I love the mingling of different people from different races. This fellow also told me he loved “Dabeli.” 😀 😀 In many ways this mingling of different cultures is the essence of true India!

Kutch day 3

That is the fellow who has carved out a statue of Goddess Padmavati. I can’t help but think whether God is the creator or are these folks the creator’s of God. You might want to call them sculptor’s but to my mind they have given the God of our imagination a figure and hence they are the creator’s in my eyes! Without malice to anyone! 😀


This fellow was quite kind to pose for me. The Creator from Orissa as I would like to call him could fit aptly for Faces of India series run by Indrani! No??


12 thoughts on “God and his creator! :P

  1. Sandhya Kumar says:

    Beautiful sculptures! It is good to know that we are producing only engineers…this art is still living. These people are our treasures, true Indians!

    Normally, I like ancient temples. Akshardhaam in Delhi is new but very artistic. I saw some artisans working even now. As you say, they must be from Rajasthan…or am I wrong? Their work was good. This temple is full of marble and looks expensive! But our India is in tact in this area!

    • hitchy says:

      India is a nation full of nations Sandhya! We cannot quite fathom this country ever in our lifetime! 🙂

      A lot of tiles, stone and carving people aer from Rajasthan in my state… I thought that was coz they are nearer.. and Gujju’s are not that renowned for their art as for their business skills…

  2. Rekha says:

    “…..they have given the God of our imagination a figure and hence they are the creator’s in my eyes!”

    That is so true. 🙂
    Loved the way you introduced Dabeli in this one too. You love it for sure. 😀

  3. meenamenon says:

    U know there is a story base don this in William Dalrympes ‘Nine Lives’! Love these series of posts starting form Guj street food to this.;.. true essence of travel

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