Be happy…!

Just whilst discussing a few things with my friend Jay, we kept talking about a friend of ours whose dad has a huge factory and is now looking to retire handing over the business to his son. However, that friend of mine, perhaps has never grown, always and never having to look for survival or worry about money he always had fun in life. He is crazy about car’s and would rather open a garage then run a chemical factory. However, his dad who is a self made guy who worked his ass off from living in his brother’s house to building a huge empire and a lot of fortune is a dominant guy and always wanted his son to study, take science stream and perhaps ensure his business would flourish even further. I guess he always thought, my son has a start that I did not have. But alas! Like so many times, his son is least interested in his business, however, thanks to a lot of conditioning he sits in his factory, being forced by wife and dad to be more responsible, grow up in life and take charge.

This I and Jay reckoned is the state of a lot of people in life. I don’t know really, whether its our upbringing to blame. Maybe we who come from people who became parent’s in the 70’s and those who always thought that standing up on your feet, earning and prospering was the way to get ahead in life. That life meant being successful in your career’s.

Did really our parent’s ever tell us, Son/Daughter no matter what you do, lot of money or less money, make sure you know where your heart is, make sure you are happy. Were we all not bred to be horses racing all along in life??

Study now then you can enjoy, its 10th! Then it was 12th! then it was college! then it was to get married then it was to earn money. Somehow during these years a lot of minds are groomed and a lot of psyche’s are toned to being in work.

Somehow, I feel a lot of parents need to pass on this message alongside the be successful in your career message. Be happy in life son, identify what you want to do and go about it. Work, slog but don’t forget to live your life. After all life is not about the bank balance or the three flats you invested in, its about that trek in the hills that leaves you panting, that dip in the river water that has you scared to shit and excited like mad! Its more the adrenalin rush you feel when you go whee-ing in that speed boat in the sea or the feel of calm walking on the beach with your loved one! Its in spotting that elusive wild cat or maybe helping a needy kid and watching his smile upon you touching their life! It is in travelling to a new land and meeting new people and eating that unthinkable dish! 😀 😀

Human’s sure have carved out a world that’s tricky I tell ya, yes, our kids need 20-25 years to just be independent, wonder if we evolved or that fawn who has to survive in hours after it’s birth. Quite a few points to ponder and I guess you must be getting late for work reading this post.

But my friend admist all the hullabaloo in life stop for a second, think, and yes, try to be Happy for once 😀


6 thoughts on “Be happy…!

  1. Proactive Indian says:

    As a society, we are used to parents deciding all things.

    I was fortunate that, in addition to other circumstances, I was considered mature enough to decide for myself, so nothing (actually, almost nothing!) was imposed on me. Hence, I know the value of Freedom of Choice.

    As a parent, I tried very hard not to impose anything on my kids. Fortunately, I succeeded almost always, including in important matters where the final decision has been significantly different from my considered opinion.

    Lovely post, Dhiren! Please do ensure that you walk the talk when the situations arise.

  2. craftyshines says:

    HItchu, that example of “it’s your 10th, then it’s easy…” is something everybody has experienced. Parents who ask kids to stop and enjoy, maybe in our generation… maybe us! 😀

    Finding what the heart really wants to do may take all life… but knowing that you have support while you do that, is priceless.

  3. how do we know says:

    Oh well, the thing is , nothing was ever imposed on me either, so am a happy kid and all that. but the point is Hitchie, using the 3 idiots example – why do we assume that money making and following the heart are mutually exclusive? It is possible for a person to pursue both, or , as is more often the case, what we like doing is also a money making proposition…

    Tum engineering kar ke bhi to wildlife photography kar sakte ho? (co-exist)
    I love accounting, did masters in a related field, and have loved work too. the domain has changed, but as I did this work, I learnt, and realised there was something lovely about this profile too. 🙂

    And who says we will want to do the same things all our life? I don’t.. I started off wanting to be a counsellor (as in, psychology), then I did photography, writing before that, hajaar things after.. so the point is, one, lets not contain ourselves in “one” thing that the heart wants to really do all our lives. we change, we evolve and our hearts might desire different things. and two, lets not assume that what our hearts desire will not make money.

    • hitchy says:

      Exactly what I mean no Howdy… it could be anything but if we are happy. Perhaps it doesn’t come out as well. Somehow the sameness of being in an office and just working all the time doesn’t sound to me like I was ever cut out to do that. Following a routine and just getting lost in the routine of life is what I fear, amid this sometimes people even forget to enjoy the essence of life. I have absolutely nothing against earning money and also doing things that give you pleasure as well, also if someone is enjoying what he does that is ideal. 🙂

      I wrote this post after seeing some of my dear friends absolutely getting lost in their work and their schedules. 🙂

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