But I still want to play…


hands in the sand..
knees in them too…

ending is the day..
But I still want to play…

the stream gurgling..
the bird chirping…

at its mate..
perhaps they are late…

for home…
But I still want to play..

its winter
days shorter

dusk has befallen…
sun has begun to sunk…

But I still want to play…

– Hitchy

14 thoughts on “But I still want to play…

  1. UmaS says:

    WOW, Hitchy, thats too good – A poetic photographer is a good combo 🙂
    Love the click…
    Your page theme is fab too, showcasing the falling snowflakes perfectly !!

  2. craftyshines says:

    Loved the pic. Loved the verses too! And love the writer too 😆
    Lots of love pouring eh?

    ((((hugs)))) for Hriday, he is going to be more handsome. Are girls following him home already? 😈

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