Great Egret


Although the cattle egret is quite common, the Great Egret, larger in size, is a lot more elusive. Apart from elusiveness the grace with which it walks, hunts is a lovely sight. It will stand like a monk for minutes and then slowly and very gracefully does a dawdling walk with its neck extended and its wings close to its body. It hunts very much like a heron and mainly feasts on fish! A lot of Great Egret were killed for their plumes, especially in America to the brink of extinction after which conservation efforts at the end of the 19th century in America ensured the species survived.

Today we can see a fair sprinkling of these great egret in India too in winters.

3 thoughts on “Great Egret

  1. techie2mom says:

    When this post dropped in my in box, i mis read it as great regret and for a moment i thought that it’s not a bird post today (not that i don’t enjoy watching and learning more about birds)!! But obviously I was wrong…

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