Western Yellow Wagtail


As we started walking around the Vadhvana Lake, a curious little bird spotted us, it would though keep a safe distance and jump/fly a safe distance away and look at us. Observing who these three were, where they were from. Every time we would get nearer it would again jump/fly and go further ahead and then again look at us, all the while, constantly, wagging its tail. Thankfully, I had just spotted this one earlier in Kadod and atleast for once I could identify it straight away for junior that it was a Yellow Wagtail! 😀


Interestingly it is another migratory bird, it breeds in temperate Europe. Its northern and eastern European population though migrates to Africa and South Asia and that is how we get to see this species. Its proper name is ‘Western Yellow Wagtail’, I must confess it is so much fun to identify these birds and then to read about them on wiki and other sites and get to know more about them. 😀

12 thoughts on “Western Yellow Wagtail

  1. Indian Homemaker says:

    Yup, identifying and making a list of every single bird seen and shot (record shot) is part of the fun. But identifying I find tricky sometimes, there are so many similar looking bird! I saw (and shot) a very similar bird in Nooh, Mewat, Haryana … around early April. Not sure if it was the same bird though.

    • hitchy says:

      Ever since thanks to you, Shail and Sangeeta, I started taking interest in the feathered folk I have found every step outdoors ever so interesting.

      Still a novice but this identifying is so exciting and interesting! 🙂 I am absolutely loving the planet that much more now! 😀

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