Green, flowery islet!


Floating in the middle of a lake, almost like on a small islet of green these fresh white flowers seem to be fluttering in the wind as they yearn to reach out to the blue skies above. Perhaps they are still disillusioned by the hue that the lake has coloured itself with, clearly unimpressed, they are wanting to go higher!

It is not usual to see waves in a lake, however, for the first time in my life I saw waves, almost like in a sea, in this lake at Vadhvana Wetlands. This year the monsoon had been particularly heavy in our parts of the country and perhaps that has ensured that the Wetland has way too much water even in the month of January! The day was particularly windy and perhaps that could be the reason for the ripples in the water. Thanks to the over abundance of water the bigger sized birds, pelicans, flamingo’s, painted stork’s have still not yet arrived here. Hopefully once the water recedes and the algae keeps developing the big boys should descend!

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