Hitchy’s believe it or not!!!!


These giant sized storks are nothing else but are juvenile’s! Yes, these are babies of a Painted Stork, who will acquire the wonderful colours of a painted stork once they grow up a little bit. The one thing I have learnt after having gotten involved in watching birds and collecting information about them is that the juvenile’s of most birds grow up in size quite fast and many times look as big as the adult, however, they plummage, head size may change colours and grow all of a sudden.

Yes, guilty of thinking I discovered a new species! 😛 😛

Here is a picture of the more mature and more clearly recognisable Painted Stork! 😀 😀 Amazing how much the juvenile’s will change in a matter or weeks!!!!

Yes, thats got to be labelled Hitchy’s believe it or not!!! 😀 😀 😀



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