Dialing Burp’s! :P

There are many and I mean many advantages of living in a small town, everything is near and almost every where you have contacts add to that the fact that you feel you are someone important in the town! However, there are some perks that big cities offer and I at times wonder if my small town would also upgrade to some of these. We never get English movies here in theatre’s, we do get them but its always dubbed in Hindi.

One more thing that always amazes me in bigger towns is the dial a dinner or ordering dinner online options! I mean you come home tired, your wife had cooked khichdi or worse she wants you to take her out to dinner and you just have no energy left the big town wala’s have a saviour in Food Panda!!!! For a petu like me it sounds like a seriously appetizing thought to have some access to something as delicious as this!


When you just don’t want to go out, don’t want to dress, don’t want to take on the traffic, just lie on the couch neither cook nor eat home made food you have your reply in Food Panda! You have all the top brands/restaurants in one fast and simple site. Food Panda sounds to me like a knight in shining armour for such a day. You can order your choicest pizza be it from Smoking joes or Pizza hut or that refreshing Sub or Punjabi or Italian, you name it and they have the cuisine! Most top brands are already associated with them and they are growing expanding and hopefully just hopefully they will soon be in my small town!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it would be to keep watching your favourite TV show and not bother about cooking and just use your Smart Phone really smartly and use the Food Panda app on it and have dinner served without breaking a sweat! Add to that they also have discounts and schemes like pizza pe pizza free! I mean wow… ‘Sone pe Suhaga’

You could also use it to surprise someone you know by sending a surprise pizza or that dark chocolate cake their way!!! :mrgreen: *you know* *rubshandsinglee* thats an Idea! 😀

Sigh… But then well as all good things in life are not always available to you, I still await Food Panda to expand to Bharuch. They already are present in Vadodara and Surat, both 75 kms away on two sides of my city. Hopefully they will soon listen to me! 😀

In the meanwhile if you have not heard of them, I say check out their site! No, no… you don’t have to thank me yet, just order a pizza for me once they open services in Bharuch! 😀 😛

11 thoughts on “Dialing Burp’s! :P

  1. R's Mom says:

    Thats an awesome website…its so easy to order stuff 🙂 and oh, I didnt realised Vadodara would get it earlier than Bharuch…this guy in my college from Bharuch always used to show off that Bharuch is better than Baroda, etc etc..but guess, I could write to him and let him know (If I was in touch with him!) and yay! baroda got Panda before Bharuch :):)

    • hitchy says:

      Lol Bharuch was always better and is better than Baroda! 😀 Bigger is not better you know!

      Yes we do not have these little things in our town but its still better than most towns in the country 😛 :mrgreen:

  2. Rekha says:

    It truly is an effort worth appreciating. Some perks of living in the National Capital Territory without space to walk in, sun to see and air to breathe. 😛

  3. Diana Natasha Pinto says:

    Staying in a small town has it’s plus and minus points. The people are warm and friendly and you’ve rightly pointed out that one feels like an important person 🙂 Like every thing else it also has it’s negative side. Thank you so much for enlightning us about Food Panda 🙂 must try it sometime.

  4. craftyshines says:

    Hope they arrive in Bharuch soon enough Hobbes! Looks like a lot of business will be coming their way from a certain drooling tiger!

    Dark chocolate cake? Now you’ve got me!

  5. Bhakti says:

    you live in bharuch? That’s so cool 🙂
    I have grown up in bharuch and moved to pune a few years back.
    Reading your posts makes me want to come back to Bharuch again 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      🙂 🙂
      This is where my heart is 🙂

      Waise to bharuch is quite small and most people know each other so perhaps we might also have crossed paths! 😀

      anyways you must make that visit to bharuch soon! 😀 I have a lot of friends who are from Bharuch and work in Pune! 😀

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