The Story of my travels in MP in pictures is being posted on my photoblog! 😀 Don’t miss out!! 😀

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The one thing we miss from living in Indore is the Kachori, all sorts of kachori’s are available everywhere in MP, our favourite though is pyaaz ki kachori! This is one we had on the highway around Bhopal. It was as yummy as it looked! 🙂


Btw, whenever you visit MP, do not be weary of using MPTDC hotels, restaurants or canteens, I have not seen any other state tourism depts hotels, restaurants et all so clean and up to the mark as this state. No wonder the state has won the award for best Tourism ministry last three years. It is a model that other states need to follow. Amongst many things one public toilet we visited in Bhopal was so clean you could actually sleep on the floor, they had sensor taps and what not… and it was a pay and use public toilet on the road!!


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