On the highway, through the fields…

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Finally, I am free now and so begins the photo journey through the heart of India! We travelled 2472kms from Bharuch to Kanha and back with loads of pictures to share! 😀

This is a picture of the sight we saw the most on the way! Wheat fields ripe to be harvested! Unbelievable number of wheat fields we witnessed enroute to Kanha! We passed Sihor on the way, the wheat from Sihor apparently is quite famous all over India! Amazingly this was one trip where we never had Tandoori Maida ka Roti’s which I kinda hate, we were fed Wheat Chapati’s everywhere and I am not at all complaining! 😀

Fields of Gold eh! 😀

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2 thoughts on “On the highway, through the fields…

  1. Rahul says:

    thanks @hitchy for posting such nice pics and Sihor wheat information,
    I like to know the exact location of Sihor village/goan in madhya pradesh, probables if you could give the google map location. District name etc so that one can reach there.
    Actually I wants to know more about Sihor wheat by visiting this area, like to know more history about this wheat.


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