I am not sure how many of you would have seen this movie, I had not seen it till last week and although I had heard a bit about the movie I didn’t really know about this real life story.

The film unlike a lot of true life stories based in UP is not gory or extremely violent. Actually it is more about us the society who have made such a difficult world that righteousness borders on stupidity!

Go watch this movie without missing! Brilliant exchanges between Manjunath and Golu (Yashpal Sharma – splendidly potrayed) which tell us how hollow we are. Its so easy to leave the system that is wrong unchanged no!? Changing it is so difficult and apparently in eyes of all good men stupid that it must not be pursued! The dilemma of a righteous man shown in the movie makes you stop and think how thick skinned we have become!

We all want someone to stand up against injustice but not us or our loved one! 🙂 As in one dialogue Golu the villain puts it,

Gandhi sabko chahiye… par padosi ke ghar mein… apne nahi!

The music of the movie is really powerfully woven in the movie! The conversations and the expressions of the mother son are something that have to be seen!!!

A brilliantly made movie that every one must not miss! 🙂


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