Hawaa Hawaai!

No I am not too big a reviewer or a critic of a movie, I don’t quite go with a scalpel to see movies, infact I am quite bizarre with movies, I might just hate the movie a lot of people loved and find a dumped movie interesting. I am a sucker for emotions and cry like mad in most movies at the most trivial of emotions, I do get enveloped in a movie. It infact takes a very bad director to not get me involved! 😛

Recently I saw this movie :


What I must say is that you must ensure your kid sees the movie! Its a treasure trove of some brilliant smiley moments with some small kids! Will probably also make your child realize how blessed he is to have so much around him!! I am also pretty sure the adults will enjoy the movie as much as your kid will!

What is sad is that such good movies get so little attention and badly made movies with big star’s rake in crores! Anyways, lets not dwell on that too much! I am lucky I didn’t miss out on this movie! 😀

Its brilliant, pull every kid around your house and make them watch this movie! 😀 Its beautiful! 🙂

You can watch the full movie on You Tube here.


6 thoughts on “Hawaa Hawaai!

  1. sraboneyghose says:

    Watched the movie with my daughter…The only reason she agreed to do so because I told her it was made by my classmate Deepa (editor) and her husband and had their so in the lead role…She was amazed that a friend of mine could make a movie whereas I take care of her…I am now job hunting…

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