Faces of India – I


Whilst walking through the streets of Purani Dilli with Sangeeta and Arvind I also encountered this gentleman who upon seeing me carrying a back pack immediately stopped me and asked what was in the bag. Only after he thoroughly checked and was satisfied that I was only carrying a camera and a few lenses with some bubblegum that he relaxed and talked a little bit with us.


I guess ever since Ajmal Kasab walked in on that fateful day into CST station back packers are always viewed differently.


It was the election season back then and the moment the fellow came to know that I was from Gujarat his way of looking at me changed. A staunch BJP supporter he was, infact, Modi had not stopped following us from Bharuch to the Himalaya’s! This after all was Dilli where politics and politicians are never far!


This post is my first in the series I hope to do regularly from now on as Faces of India which was orignally an idea started by Indrani. If you want to see more Faces of India series you can visit Indrani’s page here.



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