Sweet Pickings!


Yea, I guess when we humans romance it is sweet nothings, never quite been able to understand how this idiom did come about but anyways that is for another day. Here the wonderfully gifted would probably have written a poem on what sweet murmurs the treepie was doing in the Sambhar’s ears! How peacefully the two have accepted each other without a trace of discomfort for each other, wonder if we even let our mom’s pick our ears this peacefully! So much of peaceful co-existence can be learnt from the wild eh!? 😀


4 thoughts on “Sweet Pickings!

  1. Usha Pisharody says:

    Oh how how how BEAUTIFUL! The picture, the thought 🙂 The title! 🙂
    I just came here from a verse I read on Shail’s blog, along with a picture of buds 🙂

    So what was the treepie saying?

    Heya! Got a secret to tell…
    Hmmm… yeah! One more
    After what went down yesterday!

    He came, ya know, and told me
    To get off yer ears, that Myopic Mynah!
    Tol’ me, ya know, that you preferred
    His gentle touch to mine!

    Did I buhleeve it?
    No Sireeee… ‘cuz both you I know
    Don’t we? Dear Deer… 😛

    How much,
    We match…
    Colour for colour…
    Sleekness for the same
    Sweetness of music too
    Grunt, bark, or call…

    And that’s why HE’s Clicked Us
    And SHE’s writing of US 🙂


    Hitchy, you ARE gifted, and that is why you get these beautiful creatures to pose for you, you know? Thank you! My day perked up!

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